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Process parameter optimization and performance analysis of Raphanus sativus methyl ester in diesel engine
Authors: C.Senthilkumar, S.A.Ramesh, P.Rajeshkumar, V.R. Sivakumar, B.Vijayakumar, P.Sivakumar
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Application of green composites in structural upgradation
Authors: Vijayakumar S, Abilash K, Vinoth R
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Absorption of carbon dioxide in alkanolamines in deep eutectic solvent medium for co2 gas separation
Authors: Anga Muthu Uma Maheswari, Kandasamy Palanivelu
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Effect of initial pH and rate kinetics of biosolubilization of nickel from electroplating sludge using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Authors: Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Rajoo Baskar.
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Bioleaching kinetics on Realgar mineral by Leptospirillum ferriphilum: effects of energy source
Authors: Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Imteyaz Khadija
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Bioleaching of Cr (VI) from tannery sludge by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: Influence of temperature and kinetic aspect
Authors: Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Kuttanam Mohamed Ansari Sanofar
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CO2 sequestration by lime mud through direct mineral carbonation
Authors: T.D. RushendraRevathy, E. Pavithra, K. Palanivelu, A. Ramachandran
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Copper Slag
Authors: V.M. Illayaraja Muthaiyaa, G. Elatharasan, A. Krishnamoorthy
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Decrease in unlikely components by Non-Hydrodesulphurization Process using Persulfate as Oxidizing agent
Authors: Aslam Abdullah M, Dr.T.Sekar
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Conversion of slaughter house waste into biodiesel catalyzed by bone ash
Authors: Yuvanashree.E, Sivakumar.P, Renganathan.S, Selvakumar.K.V, Badarinarayana.N.S
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Effect of media optimization for batch kinetics of cell growth and andrographolide production by altering carbon source, nitrogen source & k+ ions supply in cell suspension culture of Andrographis pan
Authors: Anis Kumar. M, Umamaheswari. R, Shaheenabhanu.H.S, Rajesh.T.P, Selvamani. P
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Effect of sewage irrigation on physio-biochemical characterization of two mulberry varieties
Authors: B.K.Chikkaswamy, Prasad M.P Rabin Chandra Paramanik
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Evaluation of marine fungal isolates for degradation of lignocellulosic biomass
Authors: Prasad.M.P and Rekha Sethi
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Genetic variation of Dioscorea oppositifolia L. From four different regions of Tamil Nadu, India
Authors: R.Uma Maheswari, R.Selvarajan, V.NandaGopalan, A.Lakshmi Prabha
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Heat Transfer Enhancement of Thermal System Using Nanofluids
Authors: Manikandan S, Jancirani J
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Laboratory investigation on coconut shell in concrete: An alternative low cost building material
Authors: Sreenivasulu Dandagala, Praveen K, Satish K, Sri Harsha K, Mahesh V Anil Kumar P
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Mathematical modelling approach for solutions in power consumption issues of Tamil Nadu
Authors: M.Kodeeswararamanathan, N.Stalin, S.Ramasubramanian and R.Krishnamoorthy
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Polyethersulfone zinc chloride blend ultrafiltration membranes for enhanced flux
Authors: K. Rambabu, S. Velu
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Purification of pond water by natural seeds and dye water by synthetic coagulant
Authors: P.Jeyakumar
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Removal of reactive blue 2 dye from aqueous solution using turmeric industrial waste activated carbon
Authors: K.T.Karthikeyan, S. Karthikeyan and K. Jothivenkatachalam
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Morphological and topographical analysis of CuS nano thin films grown by silar technique
Authors: P. Mani, K. Manikandan, I. Vetha Potheher, P.Fermi Hilbert Inbaraj, J. Joseph Prince
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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin film based gas sensors
Authors: Jaya Bharathi J, N Pappayee
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To provide suitable technological menu to avert outages of electric power ridden sectors for improving the economic developments of Tamil Nadu
Authors: M.Kodeeswararamanathan, N.Stalin, R.Krishnamoorthy
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Trends in stream flow of the Somanpally gauging site at Godavari river basin
Authors: Sreenivasulu Dandagala, Jhansy G, Jyothsna N, Aswin S, Srinivasa Murthy
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Two cylinder engine performance enhancement with low cost emission abatement technologies for off-road applications
Authors: Karthikeyan Subramanian, Annamalai.Kandaswamy, Sathayanandan.Mahadevan
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Use of titanium dioxide as photo-catalyst in single basin single slope solar still
Authors: A.MuthuManokar
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Eco-synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its use to antibacterial and antifungal activity
Authors: N. Kiruthika, T. Somanathan
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To accentuate and codify the coarse supply chain towards efficacious and green reverse supply chain
Authors: Shaan Radhakrishnan, S Sathees Chandran
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Design and manufacturing of low cost small vertical axis wind turbinex
Authors: Shahid Ali Khan, K.V.S. Rao
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Quality of kitchen waste generated at Rajasthan technical university, Kota
Authors: Burhanuddin Bohra, K.V.S. Rao
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Solid state production of baterial cellulase using Agave sisalana as substrate
Authors: A.Sivakumar Ponnambalam, Asit Ranjan Ghosh, L.V.Prabu
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance and conversion of light naphtha to motor sprit using adiabatic radial flow vertical stock reactor
Authors: Jeyajothi.K, Arjun.R.V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of temperature and equivalence ratio on gasification of biomass
Authors: Dillibabu.V, Natarajan.E
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimization of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysis and kinetic modelling of xanthan gum production using an isolated strain
Authors: Selvi V, Vijayagopal V
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An experimental analysis for the emission characteristics of the bio diesels and their b20 blends
Authors: Murali Manohar R, Saravanan R
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Hydrodynamic cavitation for the production of biodiesel from sunflower oil using naoh catalyst
Authors: M. Rengasamy, E. Titus Praveen Kumar, T. Satheesh , D.Venkadesh, K.Kumaraguru
Abstract: Pdf Format
Kinetics of biodiesel production from waste milk fat using nano MgO catalyst
Authors: Muralidharan N G, K Anbarasu, J Ranjitha, R Pattabiraman
Abstract: Pdf Format
Synthesis of cobalt doped manganese ferrite and it used as a visible active fenton catalyst for dye degradation
Authors: AB Ilarasu, A. Saravanan and T. Somanathan
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Biodiesel production from discarded fish waste for sustainable clean energy development
Authors: Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Bhaskar Jha, R. Arun Prasath
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In-situ transesterification and process optimization of biodiesel from waste avocado seed
Authors: S. Deepalakshmi, A. Sivalingam, M. Thirumarimurugan, N. Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar
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Synthesis of MgO/Ag nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic activity against textile dye
Authors: P. Sivakumar, R. Lavanya, M. Vishnu Priya, B. Vijaya Kumar, P. Sivakumar
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Experimental study on performance and emissions characteristics of premixed charge compression ignition engine using various fuels
Authors: S. Arun Kumar, A.U. Meenakshi Sundareswaran, S. Natarajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
An intensive literature review on international assignments, expatriate failures and success, connected issues and the means for its refinement-with special reference to expatriates in the field of en
Authors: B.Kishori, N.Senthil Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Study the emission characteristics of catalytic coated piston and combustion chamber of a four stroke spark ignition (SI) engine
Authors: Y.Sureshbabu, P.AshokaVarthanan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental investigation on Low Heat Rejection Engine (LHRE) fuelled with cedarwood biodiesel-diesel blend
Authors: Madhu S, Venkatesan J
Abstract: Pdf Format
A review on effect of biodiesel-diesel-water emulsion in di diesel engine
Authors: Arularasu. S, Appu Raja. S, Thangaraj. M, Annamalai. K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Processing of cashew nut shell and feasibility of its oil as bio fuel in compression ignition engine
Authors: Sivakumar S, Venkatachalam R, Nedunchezhian N, Sivakumar P, Rajendran P
Abstract: Pdf Format
Recovery of metals from electronic waste using Electrowinning process
Authors: G.Kannan, D.Prabhakaran, P.Sivakumar, M.Thirumarimurugan
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Experimental analysis of E-Glass fiber and Fly Ash reinforced to E-Waste aluminium
Authors: A.G.Ganeshkumar, G.Ranganath, B.Pounraj, S.Shylin H Jose, M.Sakthivel
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and optimization analysis of 5 kWe Downdraft Gasifier
Authors: S.Sivakumar, S.Ragunathan, and N.Elango
Abstract: Pdf Format
Biomedical waste management in rural areas using solar powered thermal autoclave technique
Authors: S.B.Abitha, R.Dhanapal
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Tin oxide nanoparticle catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 3, 4 dihydropyrimidinones
Authors: P.Sivakarthik, V.Thangaraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Engineered thermal stable protein/enzyme mutants from chemical and thermodynamic perspectives
Authors: Amutha Selvaraj Maheshwari, Govindaraju Archunan
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Alkali-catalyzed transesterification of rapeseed oil
Authors: A. Sakthi Saravanan, K.Ramesh, N.G Muralidharan, N.Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar
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Synthesis of Cs-ZnO-Ag nanocomposite from crustacean shells and its antibacterial activity
Authors: P. Sivakumar, N. G. Muralidharan, V. Santhosh, P. Rajendran, P. Sivakumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
A new three parameter thermodynamic model for the solubility of substituted phenol compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide
Authors: Sridar Ramachandran, Avijit Bhowal, Chandrasekhar Garlapati
Abstract: Pdf Format
Removal of dyes from textile wastewater usingOrange peel as adsorbent
Authors: Jeyajothi.K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimization of fermentative hydrogen production by an isolated strain
Authors: Sonia K.Samson, T.R.Manikkandan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Separation of non-metal from waste printed circuit board for rubber composite
Authors: S. Shylin H. Jose, R.A.Sankaran,R.Manikandan, Channankaiah, A.G.Ganesh Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Green synthesis of gold nanoparticle using marine cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa sp and the antitumor potential
Authors: Geetha S, Sathakkathul Zariya J, Aarthi R, Heizline Blessie D, Monisha P and Narmadha R
Abstract: Pdf Format
A review on structural analysis and experimental investigation of coconut fiber reinforced composite brake disc
Authors: Balu prasanth.N
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effects of ethanol diesel blends in thermal barrier coated diesel engine
Authors: B.Kumaragurubaran, B.M.Gnanasekaran, S.Sathya, G.Tamilarasan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Assessment of ground water quality by heavy metals
Authors: M. Arun Prasath, N. Ilavarasan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Continuous foam fractionation of Copper (II) ions from aqueous media and industrial effluents
Authors: Arulmozhi.M, Meera S.Begun, Anantharaman.N and Thenmozhi.M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Isolation and identification of feather degrading bacteria from feather dumped soil
Authors: T.P.Rajesh, B.Anandaraj, S.Rajasekar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Response surface modeling and optimization of chromium (VI) removal from aqueous solution using marine algae in batch process
Authors: K. Kumaraguru, P. Sureshkumar , D.Venkadesh, B.Rajkumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Transesterification of triglycerides using heterogeneous catalysts: A review
Authors: N. Jaya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Statistical optimization of chromium ion removal using response surface methodology
Authors: A.Sumithra, M.Shyama Sundari, S.Venkatesan, M.Rengasamy, A.Brinda Lakshmi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Ocimum sanctum leaf extract mediated green synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles: spectroscopic and microscopic studies
Authors: Balamurughan M G, Mohanraj S, Kodhaiyolii S, Pugalenthi V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Adsorption of chromium using low cost adsorbent and kinetic modelling
Authors: Surendhar A D, S.Sakthivel, S.Yasar Arafat, Kumaraguru K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Study of phototriggered cytotoxicity against different bacterial clinical isolates using natural photosensitizer
Authors: Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Prema.K, Selvapriyadharshini.J, Salomideborani.N
Abstract: Pdf Format
Self sufficient power supply using effective hybrid wind-diesel generation system
Authors: R.Devi , J.Rajalakshmi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Solar still integrated with porous material
Authors: Prakash Malaiyappan, Natarajan Elumalai
Abstract: Pdf Format
VLSI implementation for currencyless india using sms banking
Authors: R.Rasu, S.Kumaresan, S.Manoshrudhy, P.Shanmuga Sundaram
Abstract: Pdf Format
Phenolic concentration and hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity study of Calurpa peltata and Sargassum tenerrimum
Authors: Anis Kumar. M, Umamaheswari. R, Vishnu kumar.K.R , Navaneetha Krishnan.V, Selvamani . P.
Abstract: Pdf Format
Innovative technologies to achieve sustainability (recycling cement concrete)
Authors: C. Arthi Jenifer
Abstract: Pdf Format
Study on performance and emission characteristics for diesel engine powered with biodiesel
Authors: Dhinesh Balasubramaninan, Isaac JoshuaRamesh Lalvani J, Parthasarathy M and Annamalai K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental study of acetylene enriched air in di diesel engine powered by biodiesel-diesel blends
Authors: M.Parthasarathy, J.IsaacJoshuaRamesh Lalvani, P.Muhilan, B.Dhinesh, K.Annamalai
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimentation and performance analysis of single slope single corrugated basin solar still
Authors: Selvendiran.R, Manikandan.D, Suresh Babu.K
Abstract: Pdf Format
PV based voltage gain converter for electrophoretic application by using neuro optimized bacterial foraging algorithm
Authors: A.Sivakumar, D.Karthikraj, C.S.Ajinsekhar, M.Sasikumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental investigation on D.I Diesel engine with renewable biodiesel - Adelfa
Authors: Isaac JoshuaRamesh Lalvani J, Parthasarathy M, Dhinesh Balasubramaninan, Annamalai K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Rain device with step wise basin enhanced condensation performance evaluation
Authors: Prakash Malaiyappan, Natarajan Elumalai
Abstract: Pdf Format
Characterization of organic waste generated from student messes in Kota
Authors: Rahul Khandelwal, K.V.S. Rao
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and integration of solar-biomass hybrid energy system for drip irrigation pumping
Authors: Seema Bai, K.V.S. Rao
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of chamber pressure variation in spray characteristics of diesel, Bio-diesel and its blends
Authors: A.Devaraj, P.Raghu, N.Nallusamy
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimal electricity allocation model A review
Authors: Shriram.T, Iniyan.S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Estimation of wind power extraction from kites flying at high altitudes comparison of five mathematical models
Authors: Kumari Sanno, K.V.S. Rao
Abstract: Pdf Format
Renewable energy in power grid using flywheel energy storage system, technology by using partial magnetic levitation
Authors: Ramya.V, R.Ramaprabha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental herbal mosquito larvae destroyer using nano technology
Authors: K.Santhosh, V.Ramachandran, R.Anandprakash, M.Palanivel Murugan
Abstract: Pdf Format
In-situ transesterification of algal biomass for the production of biodiesel
Authors: S. Deepalakshmi, A. Sivalingam, M. Thirumarimurugan, N. Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of topology for maximum energy efficient charge pumps as storage device for renewable energy applications
Authors: M.Murali, R.Arulmozhiyal
Abstract: Pdf Format
Cytotoxicity assessment of synthesized nickel oxide nanoparticles on MCF-7 and A-549 cancer cell lines
Authors: K.Perumal Raj, P.Sivakarthik, A.P.Uthirakumar, V.Thangaraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental analysis of performance and emission of diesel blends with pongamina biodiesel and diethyl ether
Authors: A.Vignesh Moorthypandian
Abstract: Pdf Format
Corrosion behaviour of fsw AA7075 alloy by nanoalumina coating
Authors: G. Elatharasan, V.S. Senthil kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Production of pectinase by Bacillus sp., isolated from soil
Authors: Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Selvapriyadharshini.J, Salomideborani.N, Halimuthul Nurjis.R, Jerin Nivetha.J, Ranjana Devi.B
Abstract: Pdf Format
Recent advances in the treatment of oily waste water
Authors: Mohan Doraisamy, Kavitha Ekambaram, Pramila Joseph, Nithya Dhanasekaran Tarun Mohan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental exploration of fuel spray characteristics with various injection duration using bio-diesel
Authors: Raghu P, Gowtham R, Nallusamy N
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparative evaluation of various extraction methods of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa
Authors: Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Salomideborani.N, Selvapriyadharshini.J
Abstract: Pdf Format
Studies on reduction of total chromium from common effluent plant using A. cepa, T. aurea, H. rosa-sinensis, D. regia, S. indica leaves as a biosorbent by immobilization technique
Authors: Saranya.K, Thirumarimurugan.M, Manivasagan.V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Renewable energy technology transfer for green environmental sustainability
Authors: M.Senthil Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Remediation of textile effluents by membrane based treatment techniques: A state of the art review
Authors: Mohan Doraiswamy Raju, Pramila Joseph, Kavitha E, Nithya Dhanasekaran, Hema Mala Grahadurai, Tarun Mohan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Treatment of synthetic effluent containing parachlorophenol by combined electrochemical and microbial methods
Authors: V. Manivasagan, C. Ahmed Basha, M. Ramalingam,V.Padmakumaran, N.G.Ramesh Babu
Abstract: Pdf Format

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