2017 Special Issue 12

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Feasibility Studies of Single-Effect H2O-LiBr+LiI+LiNO3+LiCl Vapour Absorption Cooling System for Solar Based Applications
Authors: Arshi Banu P.S and Sudharsan N.M
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Mechanical properties of resistance spot welded joints of AISI 409M stainless steel sheets with dissimilar thickness
Authors: A. Subrammanian, P. Periyasamy, D.B. Jabaraj, D. Devakumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
A High Gain DC - DC Converter with Soft Switching and Power actor Correction for Renewable Energy Application
Authors: T. Selvakumaran and V. Sivachidambaranathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Bio implant materials: Requirements, Types -and Properties – A review
Authors: J. Daniel Glad Stephen, G. Lalit Kumar, R. Vinesh, G. Vikram
Abstract: Pdf Format
Project Management Ability for Strategy Realisation
Authors: A. Paul Makesh, K. Kidanemariam Lakew, K. Kalkeyas Alemu
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications
Authors: S. Vanaja, A. Balaji, S. Kalaivani
Abstract: Pdf Format
Synthesis and Structure of Pure and Dy-Doped CoWO4 Nanostructure
Authors: J. Juliet Josephine Joy, R. Kathryn Eunice
Abstract: Pdf Format
Secure Transmission against Skylarking and Phishing Attack
Authors: Pavithra S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Computational Study on Heat Transfer from a Shrouded Upright Rectangular Fin Array: A Typical Case Study
Authors: Kankan Kishore Pathak, Asis Giri, Pradip Lingfa
Abstract: Pdf Format
Study of Material Removal Rate of Different Tool Materials during EDM of H12 Steel at Reverse Polarity
Authors: R. Suresh, T.N. Valarmathi
Abstract: Pdf Format

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