2017 Special Issue 11

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A Survey on Discovery of Knowledge about Web users Web Access Behaviour
Authors: E. Manohar, D. Shalini Punithavathani
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Truthful Detection of Packet losses using Homomorphic Linear Authenticator in Dynamic Environment
Authors: J. Jeno Mactaline Pears, D.C. Joy Winnie Wise
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Overcome Jamming Attacks using TDBS with Compromise Resilient Anti-Jamming Scheme in WSN
Authors: M. Priyanga, S. Malaiarasan, B. Benita
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An Efficient Clone Node Detection Scheme using Enhanced Random walk in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: K. Sindhukavi, P. Brundha, P.J. Beslin Pajila
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Enhanced Arbitrary Topology Generalization and Broadcast Encryption with W-RGK Scheme
Authors: R. Rasi Raj
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A Failure Recovery of Map using SFDA for an Energy Efficient Data Transmission in Mobile Synchronized Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: N. Renga Veni, T. Samraj Lawrence, J. Jevin
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Congestion Control and Avoidance using Dynamic TCP Vegas in Ad-Hoc Social Network
Authors: E. Praisy, C. Gopala krishan
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Efficient Load Balancing and Extending Lifetime using Cost-Aware Secure Routing Protocol in WSN
Authors: A. Kalyani Sundari, G. Aravind Swaminathan, V. Perathu Selvi
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Hop by Hop Authentication Scheme using ECDSA for WSN
Authors: D. Nishan Nithya, S. Gomathi
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Global Positioning Accuracy for Mobile Phone Localization using Wide Area Augmentation (WAA) and Glocal
Authors: D.K. Aarthy, S. Janani
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Smart Transportation using Scheme Card for Automatic Fare Collection System in Public Bus Services
Authors: Indumathi K, Indumathi V, Leena Jenifer L
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Efficient Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks using MAC Protocol
Authors: M. Vidhya, T.C. Vidhya, J. Jainee Sharmila
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An Authentication Technique using Fractal Recognition and RFID
Authors: D.C. Jullie Josephine, K.G. Saravanan
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An Adaptive Scheme for Wireless Video Authentication using Visual Cryptography and Stegnography
Authors: S. Divya, L. Jenitha Mary, D. Sterlin Rani
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Self-Configurable Clustering using FLB to improve Network Lifetime in WSN
Authors: M. Parameswari, T. Sasilatha
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An Indoor Location Aware Architecture IOT Based Heterogeneity Smart Museum
Authors: J. Jinu sophia, S. Gracia Nissi, S. Deepika
Abstract: Pdf Format
Robust Perceptual Video Hashing Based on Histogram Equalization and Sift
Authors: D.R. Denslin Brabin, M. Maharajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance Analysis of Active Vibration Control in Cantilever Beam using PZT
Authors: F. Fredrick Gnanaraj, K.R. Vijaya Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Classification of Multimodal Sensor Medical Images Based on Image Fusion using Wavelet Transform
Authors: Babu G, Sivakumar R, Evangeline
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Optimum Modulation Technique for WSN
Authors: S. Vinodhini, B. Priya
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Automatic Early Detection of Skin Cancer using Back Propagation Network
Authors: P. Mohamed sajid, A. Rajesh
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SimpliciTI PAWN – Personal Assisting Wireless Nodes
Authors: Saravanan Elangovan, Ajin Roch
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Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources and Battery Systems in Residential Microgrids using Real Time Operating Systems
Authors: S. Balasubramaniam and R. Kavithasudha
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Implementation of Breakneck Self Timed Adder
Authors: Duraivel A.N, B. Paulchamy, E.N. Ganesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Smart Transmission Line Multi Fault Detector With Transformer Protection
Authors: J. Vijay, N. Suriya, R.M. Bommi, R. Narmadha, S.Nirmala
Abstract: Pdf Format
Implementation of GPS Based Acoustic Positioning System to Locate Underwater Vehicle
Authors: L. Sharmila, K. Srisabarimani
Abstract: Pdf Format
Speech enhancement of alt speech using spectral Subtraction and template matching
Authors: Poornima K.A, Vennila D.A
Abstract: Pdf Format
Occlusion Analysis using T- Scan Technology
Authors: Vinoth Kumar G, Antony Fernandes, Lalith Radhakrishnan, Akhil Goud, L. Eshwar Prasad Reddy, Ashwin V Daniel
Abstract: Pdf Format
ANN Based Assessment of Disfluent Speech
Authors: Sheena Christabel Pravin, S.K. Ranganath, R. Anjana, T. Prabhu Pandiyan, Pradeep Rangarajan
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Design and Analysis of Modern Switching Sequence for Bus Clamping Technique used in Hybrid Power System with SVPWM Method
Authors: R. Gunasekari, P.C. Kishore Raja, R. Dhanalakshmi, M. Thanuja
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A Non-Invasive Technique to Detect Thyroid Dysfunction using Body Fluid and Temperature
Authors: B. Suresh Chander Kapali and S. Muttan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Visible light communication using light fidelity technology Utilization of led and proposal of dimming in indoor communication
Authors: B. Anitha vijayalakshmi, M. Nesasudha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Automated calcification cluster detection in mammograms and Classification using SVM classifier
Authors: Venmathi A R, E N Ganesh, N. Kumaratharan
Abstract: Pdf Format
State-of-Art Review of Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite and it’s Machining Characteristics
Authors: D. Srinivasan, R.S. Kadadeveramath, S. Rajendran, Ganesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Mathematical Model for Predicting Thrust Force in Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic composites by Solid Carbide twist drill
Authors: A. Muniaraj, S. Hanish Anand
Abstract: Pdf Format
Haptic Feedback System for Sensing the Texture of an Object
Authors: Deepalakshmi A, Lekashri S
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