2017 Special Issue 9

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Wireless Communication System for Coal Mining Worker using Arduino
Authors: EL. Sowparanika, R. Nandini, R. Subamangala, R. Gayathri
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Cardiac Arrest Aiding and Monitoring System
Authors: Sri Krishna Kumar, S.P. Threenath, A.V. Sasidharan, M. Pravin Kumar
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Design and Optimization of a C-Type Harmonic Filter for Multi Dwelling Units
Authors: Deepthi Joseph, Kalaiarasi N, Pradeep Katta, K. Rajan
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Regenerative Braking of Solar Powered Vehicle using Supercapacitors
Authors: Mohan D, Ajit K, Anbusivam P, Kothandan G, Nagaraj J
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Advanced Military Robot for Land Mine Detection and Surveillance
Authors: K.R. Sugavanam, S. Srivats, M. Karthick, G. Karthikeyan
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Automated Irrigation System Based on Renewable Energy
Authors: Sri Krishna Kumar, P. Dilliraj, K. Prabu, K. Dinesh Kumar
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A Vibration Based Piezoelectric energy Harvester
Authors: Arokia Nerling Rasoni G, Aravind T, Jasmine J. Nainita
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Designing an effectual multiplier called Vedic Multiplier using Carry Look Ahead Adder
Authors: C.J. Jacintha Cathrin, C. Sheeba Joice
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Design of MEMS Based Microneedle for Drug Administration
Authors: Meena K, Aravind T, A.R. Kalaiarasi
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MEMS based Force Sensor for structural mechanics Interpretation in Micro devices
Authors: S. Praveen Kumar, T. Aravind, Karman Frances Raj George Maria Selvam, Prudhviraj Kuncha, Mahiz Mathi P
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Modelling of MEMS based Piezoelectric and Electrostatic Energy Harvester
Authors: A.R. Kalaiarasi, S. Gomathy, C.M. Lavanya, T. Manthagini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design, Analysis and Modelling of Micro Needle for Transdermal Drug Delivery System
Authors: A.R. Kalaiarasi, Balaji J, Vengatesan M, Lok Akshai Athiban S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Copolymers of N-Tert-Butylacrylamide and Quinolinyl Methacrylate: Synthesis and Characterization
Authors: S. Bharathi and P. Pazhanisamy
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Area Optimization and Power Analysis of Hybrid 1-Bit Full Adder using Sleepy Keeper Approach
Authors: S. Sunithamani, V. Viswateja, S. Krishna Bharat, P. Lakshmi Prathyusha, K. Nikhil
Abstract: Pdf Format
Breast Cancer detection using PCPCET and ADEWNN
Authors: P. Sinthia, R. Devi, S. Gayathri, R. Sivasankari
Abstract: Pdf Format
Elegant Traffic Tocsin
Authors: S. Tamizh selvan, S. Mohanram, A.T. Dhineswar, G. Bhuvanesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Safety Instrumented System for Gas Turbine Power Plant using PLC and SCADA
Authors: S. Ahamed, K. Lokesh, B. Mohan, P. Swaminathan, V. Velmurugan
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Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption for Data Retrieval in Disruption Tolerant Networks
Authors: N. Sasikala, T. Aravind
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance Analysis of 64 Bit Carry Skip Adder Carry Look Ahead Adder and Ripple Carry Adder
Authors: Jaishree Sundar, G. Keerthana, K. Gayathri, S. Sivakannan
Abstract: Pdf Format
FPGA implementation of Carry Skip Adder and Ripple Carry Adder
Authors: Jaishree Sundar, K. Gayathri, G. Keerthana, S. Sivakannan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Pinched Flow Fractionation Based MEMS Device for Size and Density Based Cell Separation
Authors: P. Mahiz Mathi, D. Lingaraja, S. Ramya, G. Dinesh Ram
Abstract: Pdf Format
Spectrum Allocation policy for Opportunistic Radio Network with Multiple Primary User Environments
Authors: B. Jaishanthi, E.N. Ganesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Segmentation of Brain Tumour using K-Means Clustering Integrated with SFCM
Authors: M. Malathi, A. Aravind Kumar, A. Ashok Kumar, V. Shyam Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Brain Tumour Segmentation using SOM and PNN Classifier
Authors: M. Malathi, T. Dilip Kumar, S.R. Durai Raj, A. Mohammed Arif Baig
Abstract: Pdf Format
Delay Depreciation and Power efficient Carry Look Ahead Adder using CMOS
Authors: T. Archana, K. Arunkumar, A. Hema Malini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Dynamic Power Reduction using Razor Flipflop with Embedded Transition Inversion
Authors: Suganya S, Aravind T, Sivakumar D
Abstract: Pdf Format
Vertex Antimagic Valuations in Communication Networks
Authors: J. Joy Priscilla and K.Thirusangu
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey on Segmentation Approaches of Cervical Cell Images
Authors: Annalakshmi G, S. Ravi
Abstract: Pdf Format

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