2017 Special Issue 6

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Energy efficient data transmission and Aggregation of WSN using data processing in Map Reduce
Authors: Praveen T, Aswini VS, Kiruthika K, Selva Karthika C
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Detection of Sensitive Data Leaks on Mail Server
Authors: Giri M, Shylaja G, Suganya M, Swathilakshmi R
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RFID Based Automatic Toll Transportation System
Authors: R. Seethalakshmi, Annapoorani N, Priyanka S
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Performance Improvement for Global Banking Based on H2hadoop
Authors: P. Meenakshi, K. Kaveri, S. Kaviya Sindhu, M. Muthuselvi
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Large scale collaborative wildlife monitoring Using raspberry PI2
Authors: P.K. Sheela Shantha Kumari, Nishanthi M, Deepa S
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Location-Based Services
Authors: Shanmuga Priya, U. Dharani, B. Tharani, R. Janani
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Control Data Access Privilege and Anonymity with Fully Anonymous System
Authors: M. Queen mary vidya, J. Gayathri, G. Gnanapriya, M. Sharmila
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Creation and Amalgamation for Health Information Exchange Using Cloud Computing System Based on CDA
Authors: A. Merry Ida, Manikandan K, Kannan R, Aditya S Warrier
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Semantic Aggregation and Retrievel of Resource Description Framework Datasets from Remote Virtualization Centre
Authors: Veeramalai Sankaradass, Anuj P Unnithan, Praveen Rajkumar N, and Naveen Kumar A
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An Efficient Scheme For Identify Spam Bots and Terminate Comprised Mail
Authors: C. Chandravathi, Parimelazhagan D, Dinesh V, Essaki Raja G
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Optimizing Data Collection in Rechargeable Sensor Networks by Dynamic Sensing and Routing
Authors: W. Ancy Breen, Jawaharlal M, Venkat Karthik T, Ashwanth C, Matheen B
Abstract: Pdf Format
Vehicle target area detection using image processing technique
Authors: P. Karthikeyan, N. Mohamed Usman, S. Mohanraj, Shubham singh
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Implementation of Autonomous Vehicle with Microcontroller
Authors: M. Gowthami, Pazhanivel R, Bhuvankumar R, Muruganandam K
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Intelligent Keyword using Binary Vector in Cloud Storage System
Authors: R. Anto Rose, S. Vinitha, G. Keerthana, M. Kavipriya
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Cloud sensor security framework against for various attacks in networks
Authors: V. Sabapathi, S. Perezhili, R. Logeshwari, S. Sangavi
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Batch Cryptographic Technique to Discover Invalid Signatures in Adversarial Network
Authors: Senthil P, Divya S, Sirija M, and Sowmiya S
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Privacy protection for preventing data over- Gathering of user private information
Authors: Alin Mercybha P.J,Gnana deepika J.P, Aneka P, Rahini A
Abstract: Pdf Format
Intelligent Image Based Relevant Data Retrieval
Authors: Monisha K, Sandhya S, Kanchanadevi M, Raja Saranya kumari R
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Identity Based Proxy Re-Encryption Schema in Cloud Computing
Authors: Rajkumar V.S, Sangeetha C, Devipriya M, Vinitha G
Abstract: Pdf Format
Attribute Based Multilevel Security in Distributed Health care Information System
Authors: Veeramalai S, Geethapriya S, Gayathri B, Gayathri K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Safer Zone Identification in Tri zonal area using RSSI with Alert System
Authors: Giri M, Haritha S, Subashree P and Poojavathy V
Abstract: Pdf Format
An authentication scheme for a better security Against a peeping attack by a video camera
Authors: R. Seetha Lakshmi, Lakshmi A, Anusha R, Sangeethavani R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Control of a Smart Home with Brain Computer Interface by Using Brain Wave Sensor
Authors: Chandravathi, Jaya laksmi V, Gayathri D, Leankha T
Abstract: Pdf Format
Raspberry PI Target Detection Using Open CV
Authors: Sheela Shantha Kumari, Bhuvaneshwaran S, Nagarjun V, Yuvaprakash D
Abstract: Pdf Format
Scalable Video Streaming Over Wireless Access Networks
Authors: Shanmuga Priya,Abhishek Puhan, Nitin Punia, Rahul Nirmal
Abstract: Pdf Format
Inviting, Detection & Identification of Attacker Using Honey Words in a Purchase Portal
Authors: Akash B, Charan G, Jayasuriya M, Queen Mary Vidya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Identification of Black Money and Fake Currency
Authors: A. Merry Ida, Ambarish G.V.S, Dhamodaran R, Manoj Kumar N, Yashwanth Raj S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Sentiment analysis in social media Using machine learning techniques with R language
Authors: T. Praveen, Rohit Kumar Sharma, Gurdeep Singh, Ram Shankar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Multi Secured Dynamic Data Sharing With Multi Key Verification & User Behaviour Analysis
Authors: P. Meenakshi, Vasanth M, Sanaulla S, Muthukumaran S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Multimodal verification for internet banking system
Authors: W. Ancy Breen, D. Praveen Kumar, G. Gothandan, D. Meganathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Information Retrieval for Medical Queries Using Data Mining
Authors: V. Sabapathi, S. Sasikumar, M. Ganesh, J. Yuvaraj, P.R. Harishraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Eyeball Movement Based Cursor Using Raspberry Pi
Authors: Anto rose, Mirunalini M, Divya darshini N
Abstract: Pdf Format
Reducing Key Space Using KASE and Searching Multi Keyword for Multiple Data Owners in Cloud Computing
Authors: M. Gowthami, T. Praveen, V.S. Vinitha, G. Nandhini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Multi Bank Family Debit Card
Authors: Danu R, Saranya M, Sindhu E
Abstract: Pdf Format
Detection of Brain Tumour by Image Fusion Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors: D. Jagadish, K. Sindhu Priya, V. Saranya, A.S. Akshara, G. Mohanapriya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Secure Data Transfer in Double Image Using Reversible Data Hiding Technique
Authors: D. Jagadish, K. Sindhu Priya, V. Saranya, B. Akshaya, T. Mahalakshmi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey on Scrambled Data Control with Dedupulication in Cloud Computing
Authors: J. Velmurugan, A. Vishnukumar, S.K. Manigandan, V. Anupriya, S. Minnu Priyanga
Abstract: Pdf Format
Providing Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Quantum Search in Black box Approach
Authors: J. Velmurugan*, S.K. Manigandan, P. Vinothkumar, Mohammad K Saifullah Basha, S. abhilash kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimized queuing prediction staging sustained computational scheme
Authors: S.K. Manigandan, J. Velmurugan, A. VishnuKumar, Dinesh Kumar G, Syed Fazal Ahmed A
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Survey on Effective Endowment of Multiple-Level Auction Mechanism in Cloud
Authors: A. Jayanthi, B. Nikhila, S. Kiruthika
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Systematic Survey on Multidimensional Spinning Cube of Potential Doom Resource Utilization in Network Visualization
Authors: Nirmal Kumar A, Sai Keerthi C, and Poorna Shree V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Efficient Performance Escalation in Live Migration with Downturn in the Migration time and Downtime
Authors: Vishnu Kumar, J. Velmurugan, K. Vishali, R. Anusuya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey on Knowledge Discovery Applications and Technique in Healthcare Sector
Authors: I. Roseline Jecintha, K. Suganya, A. Vishnukumar, J. Velmurugan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Content Based Collaborative Filtering and POI Recommendation for Taxi Monitoring Web Services
Authors: Sakthivel M, Senthil Murugan J, Tejashwini S, Monica A
Abstract: Pdf Format
An Improved Smartcard Based Password Authentication with Enhanced Security
Authors: D. Dhayalan, K. Malathi, P. Kirubai Nesam, P. Prasannakumari
Abstract: Pdf Format
Video-on-Demand Delivery by synchronizing users using Multicast Gain
Authors: Reshmi Yadav R, Punitha U, Sandeep Kumar R, Jugeetha R, Sakthivel M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Centralized Bank Monitoring of Fraudulent Tax Payment using Placard System
Authors: Vignesh Hemanth M, Praneela M, and Senthamizh S, Sakthivel M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Encryption in Cloud Computing With Efficient File Hierarchy
Authors: S.K. Manigandan, J. Rathna, J. Velmurugan and D. Ramya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Analysis of Double Encryption Scheme for Cloud Storage System
Authors: S.K. Manigandan, Sandhiya A, J. Velmurugan and D. Ramya
Abstract: Pdf Format
E-Payment for Toll-Gate Processing using QR Technology
Authors: R. Latha, C. Sivaraj, V. Sivaranjani and S. Vimaleeshwari
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Study of Mathematical Analytical Topology Application over Computer Network Systems
Authors: S. Sivapriya, N. Srinivasan, V. Sabapathi, J. Senthil Murugan
Abstract: Pdf Format

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