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Experimental Investigations on Packed Bed Cooling Tower
Authors: Rajarajeshwari S and Ramana AS
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Investigation of Casting Parameters and External Chills Performance onMechanical Properties of Aluminum Silicon Alloy (LM6) Castings
Authors: D.M. Wankhede, B.E. Narkhede, S.K. Mahajan
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Mathematical Modelling for Dielectric Studies of Molecular Interactions of Anilines with2-butoxy Ethanol
Authors: R. Priscilla and S. Balamuralikrishnan
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Synthesis and Testing of AA2014-Al2O3 (alpha) Nano-Composite
Authors: Muhammed Favas M K, Thomas George Panicker, V. Umasankar
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Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Effect in Electric Discharge Machining
Authors: Kathiravan S, Pradeep Kumar J
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Glass Fibre reinforced Polycarbonate for Automobile Chassis Application
Authors: Srimurugan R, Vijay Ramnath, Ananthapadmanaban D, N. Ramanan
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Effect of Feeding System on Thin Walled Injection Molding
Authors: Kartik T and Rajesh R
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Wear Analysis of DLC Coated Magnesium Composite for Biomedical Application
Authors: Michael Sukham, Umasankar V
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A Review on Contact Ballistic Impact Studies on Monolithic Plate and Welded Joints
Authors: DharaniKumar S, Suresh Kumar S
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A Review Paper on Aluminium Targets Subjected to Ballistic Loading
Authors: U. Magarajan, S. Suresh kumar
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Barrelling Behaviour of Copper Powder Preforms under Different Lubricating Conditions
Authors: Balasubramanian V, Selvakumar G, Thirumalaipandian N
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Performance and Emission Analysis on Diesel Engine using Blended Cotton Seed Oil with Natural Additives
Authors: Karthikeyan R, Balaji A, Arun D, Amaresh A
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Welding Mechanisms during Friction Welding of Aluminium with Steel
Authors: Deepak Mani, Ananthapadmanaban D
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Hardness of Al-TiB2 Composites Using Response Surface Methodology
Authors: Jenarthanan M. P, Ramesh Kumar S, Pradeep M
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Optimization of Basalt Hybrid Particulate Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composite for Minimizing Delamination Effect during Milling
Authors: S. Vivekanand , K. Goutham and M.P. Jenarthanan
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Free Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Prediction Modal Orthotropic Curved Panel by Using Finite Element Method
Authors: K. Karthik, A. Manimaran, R. Ganesh, V. Ramesh, S. Prabu
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Experimental Analysis of Graphite Dispersed Salt Hydrates based Phase Change Materials to Determine Enhancement in their Thermophysical Properties
Authors: Vaisakh H.N
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Development of an Integrated Tyre Inflation System
Authors: K.L. Hari Krishna, B. Pratheep, M. Velchandru, P. Vijay Varman, P. Monish
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Recent Advancements in Shear Thickening Fluid Applications-A Review
Authors: C.G. Subramaniam and V.E. Annamalai
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Wood Plastic Composite
Authors: Rajiv Raj S, Tarun Subramanian, Shashaank Yogesh*, V.E Annamalai
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Optimization and comparison of process parameters of die sinking electrical discharge machined stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 304L and AISI 304H
Authors: Rajeswari R, Karthicraja J, Kirankarthik P, Kishore kumar J, Purushothaman T
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Managing the New Product Development Process in a cost optimisation software module in an Automobile Industry at Chennai - A Case Study
Authors: K. Sampath Kumar and B. Asokumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Artificial Intelligence Modelling of Process Parameters on Friction Drilling of Metal Matrix Composites
Authors: W. Waleed Ahmed, Visveshwar, R. Vimal Sam Singh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Fabrication of 304L Stainless Steel by Powder Metallurgy Route
Authors: P. Kishore Kumar, Gandhi Mallela, Tribhuvan, venkateswarlu, pavan kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Bulk Surface Coatings for Performance Enhancement In Abrasives
Authors: V.E Annamalai, Anandam Mallik, Anish P, Diwakar, Chandrasekar, Xavier Kenendy A
Abstract: Pdf Format
Friction Stir Processing of Magnesium Alloys- Review
Authors: J.P. Lalith Gnanavel, S. Vijayan
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Experimental Investigation for Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer of Pots having Surface Modification with Flue Tube
Authors: S.S. Singh, K.B. Sahu
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Investigation of Wear and Mechanical Properties of A356-SiCp-Al2O3 Hybrid Composite by Stir and Squeeze casting
Authors: K. Sekar, M. Ravi, K. Jayakumar
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Experimental study of discharging characteristics of sensible and latent heat storage units integrated with solar flat plate collector
Authors: S. Mohamed Safivudeen, K.S. Jayakumar and N. Nallusamy
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Design and Development of Tapioca Harvesting Machine
Authors: Belvin A, Jayakumar K.S, Jothivenkatachalapathy P, Karthi S, Jerom Zachariah S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Development of Ridge and Furrow Machine for Agricultural Field
Authors: Lokesh M, Jayakumar K.S, Vijayan S, Logeshwari K, Arivazhagan C
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of Loading Condition on Stress Intensity Factor Determination of Threaded Bolt
Authors: K.S. Jayakumar*, S. Suresh Kumar and M. Mohamed Niwas
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Development of Driving Mechanism for Armless People
Authors: Javid J, Jayakumar K.S, Vijayan S, Abdul Aziz A, Dhanushuvan P, Hemanthkumar S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Electronic Semi - Automatic Clutch for Manual Actuation of Clutch in a Car
Authors: R. Prakash, VR. Balaji, R. Tamilarasan, R. Ramsharma, C. Vasu Deva Krishnan
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Analysis on Performance of Natural Draught Cooling Tower
Authors: Gopinath D, Gurumurthy R, Akilan A, Azhager P, Manimaran C, Prabhakaran R
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Design and Optimization of Rigging & Derigging Stations for OM906, OM457 & 4D34I Engines
Authors: R. Prakash, Krishna AG, Jaghan S, Easwar MK
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Development of Bomb Defusal Robotic Arm Coupled with Multi-Rotor Copter
Authors: Manoranjan K.S, Manoj Kumar T, Harish Narayanan V, Ashwin R, K.L. Hari Krishna
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Design and Analysis of Leaf Spring for the Enhancement of Load Carrying Capacity
Authors: Harikrishnan B, K. Jayakumar, L. Poovazhagan, Balaji S.R, Manikandan P, Naveen Bharath S
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Heat Transfer Enhancement Studies in a Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger
Authors: M. Suresh, Bhaarath Ramesh and S. P. Anand
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Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Kenaf/E-glass fiber Hybrid Composite
Authors: Guhan K, K. Jayakumar, K. Rajkumar, Ejaz Ahamed S, Karthick S, Naveen A.E, P. Sabarinathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Vibration Control of Beams using Absorber
Authors: S. Sapna, P.K. Ajidha, J. Alexander
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Development of Light Weight Mechanical Staircase Climbing Trolley with Better Stress Distribution
Authors: Adhyanth G Ajay, K L Harikrishna, S Bharatharajan and M Karthik Avinashilingam
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Studies on the Performance of a PCM Based Thermal Storage Unit Embedded With Metal Inserts
Authors: N. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Ashwin S, Ajai Rao R, Agni A.S, Harish Kumar S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Development of Temperature Sensing Mechanical Actuator using Shape Memory Alloy
Authors: Akshay Aravindan, M.S. Alphin, Aniruddh Ramesh and S. Karthik
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Effect of ER4043 Filler Rod on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminium Alloys
Authors: Syleshkumar P.G and Subbaiah K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of ER4043 and ER4047 Filler Rods on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminum Alloys
Authors: Srikrishna Srinivasan and K. Subbaiah
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of ER4047 Filler Rod on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminium Alloys
Authors: Waleed Ahmed W and K. Subbaiah
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of Heat Transfer in Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of 5000 Series Aluminium Alloys
Authors: A. Ramarajan and K. Subbaiah
Abstract: Pdf Format
Moisture removal rate of solar dryers – A review
Authors: Aravindan V, Dineshkumar A, Giriprasath B, Karthikeyan V and Ebenezer D
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