2016 Special Issue 9

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Enhanced Collision Avoidance Method (ECAM) in VANET
Authors: F. Sangeetha Francelin Vinnarasi, A. Chandrasekar
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An Efficient De-Duplication Mechanism in Hadoop Distributed File System Environment
Authors: S. Ranjitha, P. Sudhakar, K.S. Seetharaman
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Generation of Variant Random Order (VRO) in text graphics color CAPTCHA for enhancing web security protection
Authors: S. Pradeep Kumar, R. Ramachandaran
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Automatic tollgate payment system using Hybrid Mechanism
Authors: M. Geetha, B. Sangeetha, J.Vidhya, S. Ramya, L.N.K. Ragavi
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Design To Predict Possibility of Hypertension Using Electronic Health Records
Authors: S. Poonkuzhali, Srejith Ramesh, N. Deepika
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Design for Reliable Cloud Migration through Component Ranking Method
Authors: S Pramila, B Aishwarya, S Poonkuzhali
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Intelligent Data Analytics System to Predict Diabetes using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: S. Poonkuzhali, N. Deepika, J. Jeyalakshmi, S. Sreeshuba
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An Effective approach for promoting agriculture by predicting rainfall in India by using Machine learning techniques
Authors: S. Usha, S. Baghavathi Priya
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Discovering Criminal Communities from E-Mails A Graph Based Approach
Authors: J. Joslin Iyda, S. Visalaxi and G. Anitha
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Occluded object detection with 3D projection
Authors: Priya Loganathan, Sheila Anand, K. Poornimathi
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Big data in visual analytics to supplement digital image processing using Hadoop
Authors: G.S. Ganesh, Yazhini Samyuktha Ramanikaran, Sindhuja M, G. Rajesh Kannan, J. Jeyalakshmi
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RSPG – RFID Based Smart Payment Gateway
Authors: Priya L, Aishwaryaa H, Aarthi B, Abirami R
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Optimization of dynamic solar power generation and Control in a micro grid using Smart meter
Authors: Kaliraja T, J. Martin Leo Manickam
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Low Complexity Decoding Algorithm for MIMO Communication Systems
Authors: Archana J, Yamuna G
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Trust Management Model for Defense against Sybil Attacks in VANET
Authors: A.M. Arul Raj, E.R. Naganathan
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Vehicle Anti-Theft System Using Fingerprint Recognition Technique
Authors: Z. Brijet, B. Santhoshkumar, N. Bharathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and Analysis of MEMS Based Humidity Sensor Using Comsol Multiphysics
Authors: C.V. Gayathri, V. S. SelvaKumar, L. Sujatha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effective TOXIN management-An IoT based approach
Authors: L. Priya, M. Leela, P.P. Janardhan, B.S. Thulasi
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Design and Analysis of Dual H-Shape Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications
Authors: Asokan V, Sathish M, Manikandan T
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Nearest Patrol Search under Emergency Condition
Authors: Priya L, Subramaniyan K, Priyanka J, Preethi Sowndharya V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey on Classification Techniques for Mining Temporal Patterns
Authors: J. Prasanthi, M. Ussenaiah
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Secure Multicast Routing in MANET using Cryptographic Techniques
Authors: P. Vigneshwaran, R. Dhanasekaran, M. Sindhuja
Abstract: Pdf Format
An efficient method to enhance the route detection in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Network using Preemptive Determine Routes Discovery
Authors: N.Thamaraikannan and K.Krishnamoorthy
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