2017 Special Issue 4

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Traffic Vehicular Communication With Zigbee Protocol
Authors: Gokulkrishnan G S, Elakkiya R, Anandhi A, Gayathiri K S
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Mishap Detectionin Car with Iris Acknowledgement Safety
Authors: K. Dharini, P. Gokulapriya, P. Santhiya, S. Selvamani, S. Mohanraj
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Design and Implementation of USB Type–C Audio Adapter Accessory
Authors: Dhivagaran B, Dhilip Krishna Kumar S, Arif K, Arun Kumar P R
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Power over Ethernet for Internet of Things
Authors: S. Aravindhan, S. Gunasekaran
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Data Isolation for Loop-Powered Applications
Authors: V. Abirami, X. Dominic Wency, T. Ezhil Oviya, S. Gokulapriya
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Design and implementation of LDC0851 Based event counting system
Authors: K. Aswini, R. Dhushanthini, C. Gokulapriya, R. Gowthami
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Design and Implementation of Video over IP Repeater with Reclocker System
Authors: P. Dhivya, S. Banupriya, N.G. Abinaya
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Design and Implementation of Environmental Status Indication System
Authors: T. Dharani, P. Dhanalakshmi, K. Deepika, K. Dhivya
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Active noise reduction in in-ear phone
Authors: K.N. Arthaneeswari, P. Anitha
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Automatic Ration item Distributions Based on GSM and RFID Technology
Authors: P. Gomathi, S. Gowsalya
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Design of Microstrip Feed Multiple Dipole Antenna
Authors: M. Abinaya, S. Gayathri, S. Anusha, L. Gomathi
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Performance Evolution of Node Reliability in Cooperative MIMO Networks
Authors: B. Gajalakshmi, P. Akbar khan
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A Study on Microcontroller Based Automatic Real Time Water Irrigation Management System
Authors: J. Ashok, M. Balaji, S. Dhinakaran, M. Dhanesh Kumar
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Detection of Health Alerts Using 6-D Method
Authors: Gopal, Akhil, Gignesh Kumar, Arun Kumar, C. Nandagopal
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Controlling of traffic density with accident Identification using WSN
Authors: R. Deepakvikas, V. Jaisindh, M. Gowtham, A. Anburaj
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Agricultural Weed Detection and Smart Herbicide Spraying Module by using Machine Vision
Authors: Hari prabha C, Hemalatha G , Kanagamani T, Kaviya K, Mohanraj S
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Smart System for Hazardous Gases Detection
Authors: P. Indhuja, A. Keerthana, M. Kiruthika, M. Keerthiga, B. Mathan Kumar, S. Mohanraj
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Self-Regulating Inundation System to Crops using Sensors
Authors: T. Madhan, R. Nagarajan, K.R. Kiruthika, S. Mahalakshmi, G. Jaya Kiruba, S. Mohanraj
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Detecting and Monitoring the Health of Human in Disasters
Authors: Harini P.T, Karnika R, Karthick Pandian S, Logesh Kumar P, Mithuladevi R, Mohanraj S
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XBEE based underground Mine Parameter Monitoring System for Rescue and Protection
Authors: S. Jayapradhap, A. Kaviya, B. Madhumitha, A. Kunthavi Devi, Karikalan Siva V, Mohanraj S
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Design of Isolated Loop Powered Thermocouple Transmitter
Authors: L. Kavin, M. Maduraiveeran, M. Janani
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of 9.8 GHz RFHigh Performance Synthesizer Operating from a Buck Converter
Authors: P. Kabilan, K. Karthickraja, D. Madhubala
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Absolute Position Encoder
Authors: P. Kirubha, R. Loganayaki, S. Logesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation of Various Embedded Memory Cells
Authors: T. Kavipriya, K. Kaviya, A.M. Manjusree, V. Mathumetha, C. Rajarajachozhan
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A Comparative Survey on Carry Skip adder with other Efficient Adders
Authors: Abhishek Iyer, P. Hariesh Kumar, P. Jayasurya, M. Karpagam, K. Kaarthik
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Sharpening of Images by Adaptive Additive Magnitude Selection Method
Authors: S. Jeevitha, S. Jessela Thahashin, P. Kamalajothi, M.S. Lavanya, K. Ribana
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Android-Based Navigation for Elderly Individuals in Healing Centre
Authors: R. Janani, J. Jasmine, N. Leelavathi, A. Manimegalai
Abstract: Pdf Format
Starling City (City for Future)
Authors: K. Mohan Kumar, G. Paramasivam, E. Jegan, S. Maniraja
Abstract: Pdf Format
Remote Monitoring and Controlling Through Shell Robot
Authors: R.S. Hari Prakash, T. Karthick, A. Karthikeyan, T. Manoj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: C. Nandagopal, S.M. Ramesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey on Network-on-Chip Architecture Implementation
Authors: S. Sariga, C. Nandagopal
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