2017 Special Issue 3

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Failure Mode and Effect analysis in Engineering Educational Sector
Authors: Balamurugan R, Sivaraman B, Parthipan N, Kirubagharan R
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Experimental and numerical simulation of tensile and flexural behaviors of hybrid bio particulate coir-polyester composites
Authors: K. Christal, C. Manickam, N. Parthipan and S. Jayabal
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A Study on Employees Opinion towards Employee Engagement
Authors: Raju K, Sivaraman B, Jothiprakash P
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Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Hammering Workers
Authors: T. Anandaraj, S. Nishanth, S. Sakthivelu, K. Senthilraj
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Corrosion Study on FSW and GTAW Welded Joints of AA7175-T6
Authors: T. Anandaraj, G. Mahanandha, S. Nishanth, K. Senthilraj
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Effect of Hardness and Tensile properties of Al6061 based composites for Piston alloy using Stir casting method
Authors: A. Manikandan, C. Gokulkumar, N. Parthipan
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Eco Friendly Drilling Process in AISI SS317 Material
Authors: N. Parthipan, M. Ilangkumaran, S. Nandhakumar, K. Christal
Abstract: Pdf Format
Thermal behaviours of hybrid bio particles impregnated coir-polyester composites
Authors: K. Christal, G. Sathyamoorthy, S. Nandhakumar and S. Jayabal
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Study and Development of a Miniature Model of an Eco-Friendly Ground Source Cooling System
Authors: Raju Kandasamy, Balakrishnan Marimuthu
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Design and Analysis of Eicher 20.16 Chassis using Ansys 12.0
Authors: Jothiprakash P, Raju K, Sivaraman B
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Experimental Investigation on Imaging System to Determine the Factors Affecting the Image Quality
Authors: Balamurugan R, Vijayakumar R, Karthe M, Padmavathy S
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Vibration and Ultrasonic Welding Behaviour of Polymers and Polymer Composites- A Review
Authors: S.G. Arul selvan, R. Rajasekar, M. Kalidass, M. Selwin
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Optimization of Clamping Force in End Milling Fixture Using SFLA Alogorithm
Authors: G. Mahanandha, S. Nishanth, P. Jothiprakash
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Dynamic Behavior Study of 2R and 3R SCARA Robot Manipulator for Pick and Place Application
Authors: M. Selwin, S.G. Arul Selvan, B. Sivaraman
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Programmable Logic Control of Soot Blowers in the Recovery Boilers
Authors: G. Sharmila Devi, B. Sivaraman, S. Padmavathy, T. Keerthivasan
Abstract: Pdf Format
The Structural Behaviour of Lateral Load Resisting System induced in Tall Buildings - A Comparitive Study
Authors: Hemavathi S, Ramya K
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Enhancing The Property Of High Performance Concrete With Multi-Component Composite Cement
Authors: Nithyanandhi M, Saranya R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation on the Behaviour of Confined RC Columns
Authors: Mukesh P, Shanmugavalli C
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Study on Characteristics Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
Authors: A. Rangaraj, S. Rubini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Removal of Paracetamol from Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Integrated MBR
Authors: Saranya R, Nithyanandhi M
Abstract: Pdf Format
An Experimental Investigation of Recycling Of Bricks
Authors: Ramkumar S, Rubini S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimizing the Cooling System for Compressor
Authors: Manivel R and Prasanna S.C
Abstract: Pdf Format
Microstructure analysis and mechanical behaviors of Al6063 reinforced with B4C and red soil metal matrix composite
Authors: S. Padmavathy, G. Sharmila Devi, T. Keerthivasan, R. Balamurugan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Calotropis and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites
Authors: S. Padmavathy, G. Sharmila devi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparative Study of Effect of Ammonium Bi Carbonate and Acetamide in NOx Reduction in the Exhaust of Diesel Engine
Authors: Manivel R and Prasanna S.C
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Study on Merchant Gratification by Comparing Various Copiers
Authors: Sivaraman B, Selwin M, Balamurugan R, Siva Kumar R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Guidelines to Implementation of Poka yoke in an Assembly Line
Authors: V.K. Kannan, R. Shanmuga Prakash and R. Velavan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Review & Design of Automatic Belt Tensioning Mechanism
Authors: Sathyamoorthy G, Christal K, Vijayakumar P, Vignesh D
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigations on the Performane and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Blende with Turpentine Oil and Dimethyl Ether
Authors: M. Loganathan, S.C. Prasanna
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Design and Analysis Study On the Effect of Process Parameters Using Carbide Tool in Drilling Process for AISISS 317 Materials
Authors: Jeevanantham R, Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Prasanna S.C
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimization of Weight Run With Respect to Mechanical and Thermal Properties in Caesar II
Authors: C. Vignesh, S.C. Prasanna
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation of Al 5383 Composite with Lithium and Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber for Ship Building Materials
Authors: S.C. Prasanna, C. Ramesh, R. Manivel, M. Karthe
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation on the mechanical properties of natural fibers reinforced with egg shell
Authors: Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Jeevanantham R, Prasanna S.C
Abstract: Pdf Format
Dry Sliding Wear Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Al 5083-Al2O3-Gr Hybrid Composite Material
Authors: Sivakumar R, S.C. Prasanna
Abstract: Pdf Format
Mechanical Strength, Wear Behaviour and Corrosion Properties of Graphene Reinforced Nano Polymer Composite Materials
Authors: Jeevanantham R, Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Prasanna S.C
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