2017 Special Issue 2

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Unsupervised Segmentation of Automatic Cell Nucleus Detection in Microscopy Images
Authors: M. Anto Bennet, Lakshmi Sree, V.V. Aruna, A. Durga Devi
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RFID Based Audio Guidance Cane for Blind People Navigation for Easy Transportation
Authors: S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, S. Vishalni, D. Haritha, K. Mahalakshmi
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Reconfigurable Processor for Image and Video Application
Authors: Anto Bennet M, N. Sathya, M. Priya, M. Mageswari, M. Kayalvizhi
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Performance Analysis of Optical Character Recognition Using Adaptive Binarization of Degraded Document Images
Authors: M. Manimaraboopathy, M. Anto Bennet, A. Priya, S. Vijayalakshmi, D. Hemavathy
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Certain Investigations of an Energy Efficient Predictive Technique Using Voronoi Prediction based Tracking Using Sequential Patterns
Authors: S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, R. Chandiya, K. Jayashree, K.R. Swetha
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Interference Alignment for LTE Femtocell Simulation of Different Modulation Technique
Authors: Thamilvalluvan B, Anto Bennet M, Kumaran M, Subash R, Sudhagar M
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Design & Implementation of low Power & High speed Optimization with Multi-Bit Flip-Flops
Authors: G. Sankar Babu, M. Anto Bennet, S. Lokesh, P. Karthika, B. Pavithra
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Certain Investigations of Novel Overlay Underlay Cognitive Radio Waveform Using Frame Decision SMSE Networks
Authors: S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, S. Mahalakshmi, K. Sandhiya, Narala Venkata Vyshnavi
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Performance and Analysis of Wide band Fractal Microscript Antenna using Compact grounded coplanar Waveguide
Authors: S. Sankaranarayan, M. Anto Bennet, Nandhinee Prakash, Y. Niranjana, D.S. Gayathri
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Coasting Period Back EMF Generation in Urban Board
Authors: Anbarasan V, Deepak Kumar A, Varun Kumar M, Muralidar D
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Dynamic Foot Pressure Measurement by Using Web Cam
Authors: M. Lakshmi Ravi Teja, Paparao Nalajala, Bhavana Godavarthi
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Computational Investigation of Flow over Rough Flat Plate
Authors: J. Devipriya, S. Manigandan, S. Nithya, P. Gunasekar
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Finite Element Analysis of Droplet Impact on Kevlar Flat Plate
Authors: S. Nithya, S. Manigandan, J. Devipriya, P. Gunasekar
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Advanced Web Usage Mining Framework Based on Web Navigation Recommender System
Authors: T Keerthi Kiran, S Pradeep
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Weighted Combination of Fault - Based Discrete Software Reliability Growth Models
Authors: B. Arunkumar, A.M.J. Muthukumaran
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Experimental Evaluation of Metal Nanocompopsite Al- Epoxy in Kevlar
Authors: J. Devipriya, S. Manigandan, P. Gunasekar, S. Nithya
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Review on High Frequency Trading Algorithm for Stock Market
Authors: Ravi Kumar Ramayanapu, Selvakumar A
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A Review on Content Base Image Retrieval Techniques
Authors: Syed Arif, Niranjana G
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Adaptive Forward Lighting System for Better Visibility of Roads While Negotiating Curves during Night Time
Authors: A. Rajasekaran, D. Kumaran, K. Jegadeesan
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Development of Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle
Authors: Veeranaath V, Arun prasath S
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Wear and Mechanical properties of Aluminium hybrid composite (Al2024/B4C/Graphite) fabricated by powder metallurgy
Authors: I. Aatthisugan, A. Razal Rose, D. Selwyn Jebadurai, R. Karthikeyan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental investigation on post welds heat treatment of TIG welded stainless steel joints
Authors: A. Razal Rose, I. Aatthisugan, D. Selwyn Jebadurai, R. Cibie
Abstract: Pdf Format
Implementation of 5S in sales warehouse
Authors: D. Selwyn Jebadurai, A. Razal Rose, I. Aatthisugan, Bibin Baby
Abstract: Pdf Format
Wear behaviour of Aluminium Magnesium alloy reinforced with Silicon Carbide
Authors: Ramprasth B, Murugesan R
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Emission NOx Control by using SCR for Off Road Engine
Authors: G Balaji, D Premnath, Bhushan V Deshmukh, Vaibhav D Ghadage, Suraj Salvi
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Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Fuelled With Castor Oil and Ethanol Blended Diesel
Authors: Joji Johnson, Barathraj R K, Dinesh S
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A Review on Software Defined Networking: Improving the Future of Network
Authors: Md. Soyaib, M. Eliazer
Abstract: Pdf Format
Authenticated Cloud Data Service Using Attribute Based Encryption
Authors: Rakesh Venkat Battu, Mangalagowri R
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An Experimental Study of Bamboo Fibre Coated With HDPE and Reinforced With Abs
Authors: Deborah Serenade Stephen
Abstract: Pdf Format
Data mining in CRM - a Survey
Authors: P. Deepa
Abstract: Pdf Format
Framework for reliable re encryption in cloud
Authors: Deepa P, Magesh G, Sanjana N, Ahana Roy Chowdhury
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Methodology for Transformation of Small Scale Enterprises Using Simple Tools
Authors: Vezhavendhan R, S. Narayanan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Energy Absorption Analysis in Front Bumper of a Car
Authors: S. Seenuvas, N. Nagendran, N. Gayathri, T.V.B. Babu, R. Manjunathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Finite Element Analysis of composite multi leaf spring
Authors: Nitesh Panchal, Akash Mohanty
Abstract: Pdf Format
Modeling and Analysis of Lower Wishbone for Independent Suspension System for Commercial Vehicles
Authors: Ramesh Udhayakumar A, Siddhartha D, Sethu Raman A, Ramanan N, Karthi V
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation of Stacking Sequence on Glass and Kevlar Fiber
Authors: S. Nithya, S. Manigandan, P. Gunasekar, J. Devipriya, WSR. Saravanan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Internet of Things in Healthcare Management
Authors: Jananie B.R, M. Rajasekaran
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optimization of WEDM process parameters for aluminium matrix composites (356/B4C) using Taguchi technique
Authors: J. Udaya Prakash and T.V. Moorthy
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance evaluation of cascade refrigeration system using alternative refrigerant couples
Authors: R. Santhanakrishnan, V. Shanmugam
Abstract: Pdf Format
Tensile and Impact Ananlysis of Coated and Uncoated Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Composite
Authors: G. Boopathy, A. Ramesh Udhayakumar, D. Siddhartha, N. Ramanan
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Tribological studies on properties of Al2O3 reinforced Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
Authors: Arun A, Sathiyamoorthy V, Vivek Anand S.M.K, Ganesh Boopathy V, R. Prasanth
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A Novel Approach to Identify the Micro calcification Images
Authors: Kiran Bala B
Abstract: Pdf Format
Parametric Optimization in CNC Turning of Martensitic Stainless Steel 416 using Taguchi Method
Authors: S. Nandhakumar, R. Shanmuga Prakash
Abstract: Pdf Format
Text Extraction and Recognition from Mixed Images
Authors: L. Ramesh, E. Dinesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Field Guide on Internet of Things Research Methodologies
Authors: S. Divya Meena, M. Anitha Mary, M. Mangaleswaran
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Investigation of Cardanol Ethyl Ester as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine
Authors: Sundarraj Chockalingam and Saravanakumar Chowdry S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Mechanical and metallurgical characterization of AA7075-fly ash composites produced by liquid state method
Authors: V. Mohanavel, S. Suresh Kumar, R. V. Srinivasan, P. Ganeshan, K. T. Anand
Abstract: Pdf Format
Hybrid Segmentation Technique based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Watershed Algorithm for Satellite Images
Authors: Rajmohan K, Thirugnanam G and Mangaiyarkarasi P
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Survey on Mapping of Terms between HealthCare Seekers and Patients
Authors: Judah Benhur Varma, K. Deeba
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Novel Approach to Generate a Key for Cryptographic Algorithm
Authors: Kiran Bala B
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Reversible Image Authentication Technique based Watermarking in ICA-DWT Combined Approach
Authors: Siva kannan S, G. Thirugnanam, P. Mangaiyarkarasi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Traffic aware priority based medium access control protocol for WSN
Authors: B. Dheenadhayalan, S. Sivakannan, Rose Varghese
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparison of Image Denoising Techniques in Spatial Domain for Colour Images
Authors: Angulakshmi C, Somasundaram S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Secured pin entry method for ATM using steganopin and session key methods
Authors: S. Shanmuga Priya, Ancy Breen W, V.S Rajkumar, Latha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Wavelet Packet based Image Fusion method for Medical Images
Authors: Santhi P, Thirugnanam G and Mangaiyarkarasi P
Abstract: Pdf Format
Vibration Analysis of Xylon Coated Spur Gears
Authors: M. Karthick, M. Sundarraj, T. Raja
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of a Substrate Board for Heat Transfer Enhancement from an Array of Discrete Heat Sources
Authors: Tapano Kumar Hotta, Rahul Narnindi
Abstract: Pdf Format
An Experimental Investigation of IC-Engine using Nano Material Dispersed Biodiesel
Authors: E. Prakash, N. Nagendran, R. Suresh, N. Gayathri, N. Karthick
Abstract: Pdf Format
Numerical Analysis of Ballistic Impact on Combination of Polymer and Aluminum
Authors: N. Nagendran, S. Seenuvas, N. Gayathri, N. Karthick, S. Aravindh
Abstract: Pdf Format
IoT Based Controlled Diagnosis and Therapeutic Governing System for Emergency Services through Opportunistic Networks
Authors: Latha. R, Koushik C.P, P. Vetrivelan, Elizabeth Chang
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of Particle Size Distribution on CFD Simulation of Fluidization of Alumina Particles
Authors: Suraj Marale, Manoj Jadhav, Ashish Shete, Niranjana Behera
Abstract: Pdf Format
Crawling of Web documents: A Survey
Authors: P. Mahalakshmi and S. Thenmalar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of Software Engineering Project Management Activities In IT Industry
Authors: Biswa Ranjan Mohapatra, Jaya Krushna Panda
Abstract: Pdf Format
Strategic Risk management of Software Engineering Projects And its Impact on Quality
Authors: Biswa Ranjan Mohapatra, Jaya Krushna Panda
Abstract: Pdf Format
Service oriented procedure for governing Services of real time systems
Authors: Sunaina Reddy V, Prasanth Y
Abstract: Pdf Format
Artificial Bee Colony for Socially Aware Networking
Authors: A. Manikandan, C. Rajarajachozhan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Low-Power Content Addressable Memory Based on Sparse Clustered Networks
Authors: A. Manikandan, P. Nithya
Abstract: Pdf Format
OFDM Technique Decoding Accelerator
Authors: A. Manikandan, P. Nirmal Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
RFID Based Voice Bank Alert System for Blind People
Authors: A. Manikandan, S.Tamilselvan
Abstract: Pdf Format

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