2017 Special Issue 1

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Synthesis of Colloidal Copper Nanoparticles and Its Cytotoxicity Effect on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Authors: R. Saranya, M. Mubarak Ali
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Synthesis, Spectral Characterisation and Biological Activity of Cu (II), Ni (II) and Zn (II) Schiff Base Complexes derived from 3-Aminoacetophenone
Authors: S. Geetha and N. Sumathi
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Role of Phytochemical and Commercial Antibiotic in Streptococcus Induced Disease in Children
Authors: Beulah Elizabeth F & Indira S
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Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Zno and Copper – Nitrogen Co Doped Zinc Oxide (Cu-N-Zno) Nanoparticles for Its Biological Applications
Authors: N. Sivakumar, R. Saranya
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Growth and Characterization of Pure and Urea doped Dimethylamine Picrate Single Crystal
Authors: A. Rathika, L. Guru Prasad, R. Ganapathi Raman
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Vibrational Frequencies, NBO Analysis, NLO Properties, UV-Visible and Homo-Lumo Analysis of 2-Chloro-3-Methoxybenzonitrile with Experimental (FT-IR and FT-Raman) Techniques and Quantum Mechanical Calc
Authors: Arockiasamy Ajaypraveenkumar, R Ganapathi Raman
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Influence of ZnO: Fe Thin Film Grown Using Spray Pyrolysis
Authors: S. Vasudevan
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Zinc Oxide Nanofilms Prepared By Sol-Gel Method
Authors: R. Saranya
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Zinc Oxide Thin Films by Solgel Dip coating for Gas Sensing Studies
Authors: C. Pari, N. Sivakumar
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Ultrasonic Investigations on Zinc Sulphate in Polyvinyl Alcohol
Authors: Thangavel S
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Spectroscopic studies of surface modified polypropylene using ultraviolet radiation
Authors: Rajasekaran John and Rajajeyaganthan Ramanathan
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Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically Important Zn (II), Cu (II) AND Co (II) Metal Complexes in the 3d- Series
Authors: R.Saranya, J.Rajasekaran, S. Joseph Selvaraj
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Computational Studies on 2-nitrophenyl acetic acid
Authors: L. Guru Prasad, K. Kannan and R. Ganapathi Raman
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Studies on NLO Properties of L-Arginine Maleate (LArM) Single Crystals
Authors: S. Susindhiran
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Overlapped Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Segmentation
Authors: I. Karthika, S. Priyadharsani
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Object identification based on super pixel formation using Neighbor convertible crewing method
Authors: K. Deepa, P. Santhi
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An Optimistic Approach for Diagnosing Brain Tumor from MRI Image Using RVM and Histogram Based Segmentation
Authors: Keerthi S, Dhviya S
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Improved Performance Analysis Image Segmentation Based on Cluster Image
Authors: S. Saravaann, Vikram R
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Identification of Satellite Image by Using DP Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation and Clustering
Authors: S. Sowmiya, S. P. Yazhini
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Image based classification scheme to mine the Opinion in social network for exactness
Authors: S. Santhiya, Sangeetha K
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Classification of Breast Cancer using Fitness Function Based Neural Network Algorithm
Authors: P. Santhi, K. Deepa
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A Review on Image Segmentation through Graph-Based Representation
Authors: Alamelu V, Mohanapriya A
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Object Segmentation from Movable Frames Using Key Segments
Authors: C. Selvarathi, K. Sindhanaiselvan
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Evolutionary Calculations on Gravitational Interactions Method of Global Leader Organize
Authors: S. Saravaann, R. Vikram
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Efficient Image Segmentation using K-Means Clustering and K-NN Algorithms
Authors: M. Gunasekar, Shamugavelyutham A
Abstract: Pdf Format
Innovative Approach to Separate Components in Circuit Recognition through Image Segmentation
Authors: Karthik Venkatachalam
Abstract: Pdf Format
Interactive Object Selection and Segmentation
Authors: R. Sujatha, E. Balraj
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Enhancement of Gain in S-Band Ranges Using Micro strip Patch Antenna
Authors: A. Manikandan, S. Pradeep
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Stabilized and Energy Efficient SRAM Architecture
Authors: Pradeep. S, Selvi. S
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An Overview: Wireless Optical Communications
Authors: S. Sivaranjani, P. Ramakrishnan
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6 Transistor Full Adder Circuit Using Pass Transistor Logic
Authors: S. Selvi, S. Pradeep
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Design and Implementation of Efficient Encoder and Decoder for Wireless Communication
Authors: N. Mahendran, A. Revathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
A New Nonlinear Companding scheme for Reducing OFDM signals
Authors: P.T. Sivagurunathan, P. Ramakrishnan
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Enhancing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Using Node Ranking Clustering Algorithm
Authors: N. Suganthi, B. Neeththi Aadithiya
Abstract: Pdf Format
An Overview: Fiber Optic Communication
Authors: P. Ramakrishnan, P.T. Sivagurunnathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Identification of Skin Lupus Using SVM Classifier
Authors: S. Dhivya, S. Keerthi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of Hyper spectral Image using Harmonic Analysis with BFO-RVM
Authors: R. Sivaranjini, S. Palanivel Rajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Enhanced Cooperative Bait Detection Scheme for Disclosure of Black and Grayhole Attacks in Manets
Authors: B. Neeththi Aadithiya, N. Suganthi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Quantitative Analysis of Network Arrangement in Randomized Appropriation in WSN
Authors: A. Manikandan, S. Pradeep
Abstract: Pdf Format
Revocable Data Hiding In Steganography
Authors: K. Sheikdavood, S. Sivaranjani
Abstract: Pdf Format
Four Dimensional Coded QAM with GMI for Fiber Optic Communication
Authors: R. Sivaranjini, S. Palanivel Rajan
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Betel Leaf Disease Classification Using Clustering Method
Authors: L. Ramesh, V. Nirmala
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Low Power Content-Addressable Memory using Master–Slave Match Line
Authors: P. Nithya & S. Tamilselvan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Underwater Acoustic Communication – Challenges
Authors: P.T. Sivagurunathan, P. Ramakrishnan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Localized Mobility Prediction with Divided Sensitive Ranges for Underwater Sensor Networks
Authors: V. Keral Shalini, A. Berlin
Abstract: Pdf Format
Literature Study on Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas
Authors: M. Paranthaman, S. Palanivel Rajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Medical Image Retrieval System using Gabor Barcode
Authors: B. Nandhini, S. Gowri
Abstract: Pdf Format
Wireless theft detection using sensor nodes in vehicles
Authors: Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi, A. Berlin
Abstract: Pdf Format
Intel EDISON and IoT based wireless home automation proposal
Authors: A. Berlin, Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Manet Clustering To Protect Identity Using Efficient Protocols
Authors: A. Berlin, V. Keral Shalini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Zigbee Based Online Air Pollution Monitor
Authors: P. Nirmal Kumar, A. Manikandan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Survey of Ovarian Follicles using Various Techniques
Authors: Shabana Farheen S, Selvi G, K. Sheikdavood
Abstract: Pdf Format
Image Contrast Enhancement Using Modified Color Preserving AGC
Authors: Ribana K, Gowri S
Abstract: Pdf Format
Literature Study on Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Radio
Authors: M. Paranthaman, S. Palanivel Rajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Implementation of Shunt Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Source Interfacing with Main Grid
Authors: S. Dinesh Kumar, PL. Somasundaram
Abstract: Pdf Format
Expertise Slanting Distorted Source Voltage of Hybrid Filter in Series Combination
Authors: S. Dinesh Kumar, GN. Sachin Amreiss
Abstract: Pdf Format
Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control Technique for Switched Reluctance Motor
Authors: Banumathi S, Jeyapriya M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Advanced Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Converter
Authors: P. Maniraj, M. Ramesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Framework for Contingency Ranking at Various Uncertainty Conditions under Deregulated Environment
Authors: PL. Somasundaram, AL. Chokalingam
Abstract: Pdf Format
Reactive Power Pricing in Restructured Power Market
Authors: PL. Somasundaram, S. Dineshkumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Computation of Short Run Marginal Cost in Open Access Transmission System
Authors: PL. Somasundaram, V. Jayakumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Harmonics Reduction using L-Z Source Inverter and Voltage Source Inverter for Distributed Generation System
Authors: T. Gowtham Raj, S.K. Saranya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance Analysis of BLDC Motor Using CUK and Luo Converter
Authors: T. Gowtham Raj, M. Ramesh, S. Dinesh Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Hybrid System with Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: R. Indhumathi, E. Therese Reena Smiline, V.K. Rajaa
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of SEPIC Converter Fed Brushless DC Motor CUM Solar PV Array
Authors: K. Sundararaju, P. Ranjani
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparable Action of single phase Transformer less GRID - Coupled PV Inverters with Common AC and DC load
Authors: M. Jeyapriya, S. Banumathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparative Analysis of G.A, PSO, QPSO in the Economic Load Dispatch Problem with Generator Constraints
Authors: P. Maniraj, P. Vignesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Novel current control strategy for current source converter in Weak Grids / Micro grids with D and Q Axis Currents
Authors: P. Maniraj, T. Gowthamraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparative Analysis of Conventional Converter System over Multiport Converter
Authors: GN. Sachinamreiss, S. Dineshkumar, S. Banumathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Simulation And Implementation of Active Front End Rectifier
Authors: Manikandan S, Santhoshini P
Abstract: Pdf Format
New Current Estimation Fault Tolerant of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic
Authors: R. Senthil Kumar, I. Gerald Christopher Raj, M.Yuvaraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Extended Optimal OCR Coordination Using Predictable Transient Stability Decision Tree Methodology in Interconnected Power System
Authors: R. Senthil Kumar, Gerald Christopher Raj I
Abstract: Pdf Format
Fault Diagnosis of Three Phase Induction Motors by using Kernal Based SVM Classifiers
Authors: R. Senthil Kumar, B. Rajesh Kumar, I. Gerald Christopher Raj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Congestion Management using Facts devices in Open transmission access system
Authors: PL. Somasundaram, T. Gowtham Raj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance investigation on Diesel engine fuelled with rendered chicken oil as Bio diesel
Authors: T. Nithyanandam, M. Karthe
Abstract: Pdf Format
Comparative study of Limestone and Sodium Chloride Impact of Diesel Engine Emission Analysis
Authors: M. Vijayakumar, P.C. Mukesh Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Study on Performance and Emission Evaluation of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine fuelled with mixture of Sunflower biodiesel and Coconut biodiesel blends along with diesel
Authors: Vignesh D, Emmanual L, Sathyamoorthy G, Kalidass M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Hybrid Energy Generation through Vertical Axis Savonius Wind Turbine and Solar Panel
Authors: Ragunath L, Emmanual L, Vignesh D
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Comparison of Energy Conservation in Radiator by Using Different Material Properties
Authors: Kalidass M, Arul selvan S.G, Selwin M, Velavan R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Analysis of Fins to Enhance the Performance of I.C Engines
Authors: Vijayakumar P, Sathyamoorthy G, Velavan R
Abstract: Pdf Format

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