2016 Special Issue 8

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Scheduled H and X Medicine Dispenser PoC Design
Authors: Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi, S. Palanivel Rajan
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Charging series hybrid electrical vehicle Traction battery with design of DC/DC converter
Authors: P. Alageswari, S. Kirthika
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Design of Low-Power Specific Parallel Array Multipliers
Authors: C Vivek, R. Subalakshmi
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Implementation of Distributed Operating System for industrial process automation using embedded technology
Authors: K. Kaarthik, P. Yuvarani
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Real Time Performance Analysis for Fault Diagnosis in Heat Exchanger Using ANFIS and SVM Methods
Authors: S. Monisa, S. Vijayachitra
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Blending Augmented Reality and Cloud – Need of the hour and an innovative approach
Authors: S. Palanivel Rajan, C. Vivek
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Pneumatic Conveying System Control using Real Time Operating System
Authors: V. Prabhu, S. Ram Prakash
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Solid Non-Biodegradable Waste Segregation Using Matlab and Robotic ARM
Authors: P. Ranjani, A.L. Chockalingam
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Design of Patch Antenna Array for Radar Communication
Authors: S. Palanivel Rajan, M. Poovizhi
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SEPIC Converter Based Dynamic Power Tracking From Wind Energy Conversion System
Authors: P. Santhoshini, P. Maniraj
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Performance analysis of shunt active filter with hysteresis Current control Technique
Authors: K. Sarasvathi, M. Lincy Luciana
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Design of A Fuzzy Based Multi-Stack Voltage Equalizer for Partially Shaded PV Modules
Authors: K. Sundararaju, R. Senthilkumar, M. Yuvaraj
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Biological synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles using Streptomyces sp. and its antibacterial activity
Authors: Jositta Sherine, Annie Sujatha, Maheshwaran Rathinam
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design of Novel Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: S. Sunandha, K. Sarasvathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Hybrid Compensation Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
Authors: Uma J
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Review of Low Power and High Speed Implementation of 3-bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter
Authors: C. Vivek, S. Palanivel Rajan
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Investigations of various filters for lung cancer CT images
Authors: P. Yuvarani, S. Maheswari
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A Survey on Efficient Power allocation for OFDM – Based Cognitive Radio Systems
Authors: T. Abirami, R. Gayathri
Abstract: Pdf Format
A novel strategy for blood glucose control in human body using PID-Fuzzy Logic Controller
Authors: Amuthameena S
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An Aqueous Solvent Extraction of Polyphenols from Jack Fruit Waste: Response Surface Modelling and Optimization
Authors: S. Jeeva, K. Anbarasi, D. Dhanaraja, G. Selvabarathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of nutrient requirement of crops using its leaf
Authors: M. Anitha, K. Kaarthik
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of MLSA for Low Power CAM Design
Authors: Arulpriya S, Sheikdavood K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of Saliency Recognition through Comparable Image Recovery
Authors: Sheikdavood K, Arulpriya S
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A Survey on Secured Data Transaction in Public/Private Data Cloud Services
Authors: E. Dinesh, S.M. Ramesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Battery Charging System using Soft Computing technique
Authors: K. Divya, A. Saranya
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube as On-Chip Interconnect
Authors: R. Gayathri, T. Abirami
Abstract: Pdf Format
High-Speed Encoder and Decoder of the Binary Golay Code
Authors: S. Gowri and K. Ribana
Abstract: Pdf Format
Relevant analysis for Beam switching applications through ACSFSS and double sided biasing
Authors: N.V. Andrews, K. Kaarthik
Abstract: Pdf Format
Mitigation of Harmonics by Fuzzy Logic Control Based Active Filter with Different Fuzzy Membership Functions
Authors: Lincy Luciana M, Sunandha S
Abstract: Pdf Format
IoT Based Real Time Traffic Analyzer
Authors: A. Manikandan, J. Sakthivel
Abstract: Pdf Format
Research avenues in WSN-A Survey
Authors: C. Nandagopal, S.M. Ramesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Packet Delivery and Numerous Redundancies in Ipv4 Network through GLBP
Authors: V. Nirmala, A. Sridevi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Sliding Mode Control Techniques of Distillation Column
Authors: Vimala Starbino A
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