2016 Special Issue3

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Finite element analysis of electrically enhanced friction stir welding
Authors: M. Boopathi, Giriraj Mannayee
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Steady State Performance of Sliding Contact Bearings with Non-Newtonian Fluids
Authors: Devendra Kumar Patel, Shoma Mitra, Babu Chellappachetty
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of Nano-Materials in High Strength Concrete
Authors: Abdul Rahim and Sandanu. R.Nair
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Review on Epoxy Composites using Hollow Glass Microspheres and Nanoreinforcements
Authors: A. Rahaman, M. Imran and Soumen Pal
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Design and evaluation of massive information in a MES Platform utilizing HADOOP Framework in drugs industries
Authors: Giriraj Mannayee, Srivani A, K.Manikandan
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Numerical simulation of a scramjet intake with micro-cavity
Authors: Senthilkumar P, Kamalraj Thiyagaraja
Abstract: Pdf Format
A review on high speed flow with micro ramps
Authors: Senthilkumar P, Sreeja Sadasivan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Parametric design optimization of a skate cycle
Authors: Raj Kumar E, Sheldon Pinto
Abstract: Pdf Format
Vibration signal based fault diagnosis of gears using ensemble empirical mode decomposition and linguistic hedges neural fuzzy classifier with selected features
Authors: S.Devendiran, K.Manivannan, Arun tom mathew & C.Rajeswari
Abstract: Pdf Format
Performance Enhancement of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector by Fluid Flow Control and Solar Tracking System
Authors: Senthilkumar S, Durai Kumar S, D. R. S. Raghuraman
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of Different Waste Materials on the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete
Authors: A. Abdul Rahim, A. Rahaman
Abstract: Pdf Format
Digital hydraulic valves - a brief review
Authors: D.R.S. Raghuraman, S. Senthil Kumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Construction of Key Mix Proportions of Concrete for Harsh Environments
Authors: Abdul Rahim A and Anun S Pramod
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design and analysis of enhancing secure data in a pharmaceutical industry manufacturing execution system platform using a cloud computing paradigm
Authors: Giriraj Mannayee, Muthu S
Abstract: Pdf Format
An experimental investigation on dynamic modulus of elasticity of fly ash based steel fiber reinforced concrete
Authors: A.Sofi, Ayush shukla
Abstract: Pdf Format
Exergy analysis of dehumidifier in a combined two stage desalination and cooling plant
Authors: C. Chiranjeevi, T. Srinivas
Abstract: Pdf Format
Design considerations and overview of an engine exhaust manifold gasket
Authors: K. Nanthagopal, B. Ashok, Harshit Sabloke, Amit Agrawal
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of temperature on behaviour of concrete
Authors: T.S.Viswanathan, K.Srnivasan, V.Sairam, M.Giriraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Review on various experimental methods in Warm Hydroforming of Sheet Metals
Authors: C.Pandivelan
Abstract: Pdf Format
CFD analysis of commercial bus models for improvement of aerodynamic performance
Authors: N. Govindha Rasu, A. M. Renil, S. J. Sachin, and J. kevin
Abstract: Pdf Format
Channel type heat exchangers used in cooling of electronic chips and central processing units of computers: an overview
Authors: Raghuraman DRS, Thundil Karupparaj R, Rao BVA
Abstract: Pdf Format
Affordable and Light Weight Handheld Cotton Picker for Biotechnological Applications in India
Authors: Aniket S Deshmukh, Akash Mohanty
Abstract: Pdf Format
Deformation behaviour of α - β brass at high temperature and at different strain rates
Authors: Praveen Kumar, Bhagwati Prasad Kashyap
Abstract: Pdf Format
A Survey on Cloud resource configuration in Manufacturing execution system Platform using Pharmaceutical Industries
Authors: Giriraj Mannayee, S.Muthu
Abstract: Pdf Format

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