2016 Special Issue 2

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Leachate analysis of the tannery sludge amended by zero-valent iron nanoparticles under dynamic condition
Authors: M. Arthy, and B.R. Phanikumar
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Role of plants in constructed wetlands (CWS): a review
Authors: Kruti B. Jethwa, Samir Bajpai
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Performance studies on compressed air driven modified commercial two stroke engine
Authors: Deepakumaran.R, Shashank.S, Ebenezer.D, Tarun.M
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Impact of Bio-Oil on Combustion, Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine
Authors: J.Kuberan, N.Alagumurthi
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Parametric study of a two stage humidification dehumidification desalination plant
Authors: Chiranjeevi. C, Srinivas. T
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Performance and Emission of Vegetable Shell Pyrolysed oil blended with Diesel fuel in a DI Diesel Engine
Authors: K. Venkatesan
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A numerical study of fluid transport phenomenon over two Tandem and side-by-side circular cylinders by LBM
Authors: D Arumuga Perumal, G V S Kumar, Anoop K Dass
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Modeling and analysis of Low Temperature Kalina Cycle System
Authors: K Deepak, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta
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Rapid chloride permeability test for durability studies on corrosion inhibiting self-compacting concrete
Authors: R.Dharmaraj, R.Malathy
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Studies on modulus of subgrade reaction of reinforced foundation soil using model Plate Load test
Authors: Nayana N. Patil, H.M. Rajashekar Swamy, and R. Shivashankar
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Control of structure with tuned liquid column damper
Authors: Salsala Abubaker, S.Nagan, and T.Nasar
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Comparative study of linear and nonlinear deflection of building frame for lateral seismic loads
Authors: Riyas Moideen and U.K. Dewangan
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Review Analysis of Casting Defects with Respect to Indian Standards in Cast Iron Foundry
Authors: Narayanaswamy.C, Natarajan.K
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Comparison of eigen frequency convergence criteria on a bridge structure
Authors: Shalem Ernest and U.K.Dewangan
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Strength and Durability properties of SCC with GBFS and MetaKaolin
Authors: S. Shrihari and Seshagiri Rao M.V
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Statistical Model for the Prediction of 28 Days Compressive Strength by 3 Days Compressive Strength using Response Surface Method
Authors: Sohan Gupta, R.K.Tripathi and R.K.Mishra
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Finite Element and Experimental Modal Analysis of Car Door
Authors: Chandru B.T, Suresh P.M
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An Augmented Reality Application System for Teachers to facilitate 3D Structural Drawings in Civil Engineeri
Authors: M.Ashokkumar
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Ductile behavior of confined hybrid fibre reinforced concrete in the plastic hinging zone of RC beams
Authors: Zealakshmi D, Ravichandran A and Kothandaraman S
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Special Maintenance Tools - Rear Axle
Authors: Vivek Aravind. B, Arunachalam. K
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