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Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization of Lithium Potassium Sulphate Single Crystals
Authors: V.Govindan, S.Dhatchayani, N.Sarala, K.Sankaranarayanan
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Crystal Growth, Structural and Optical Studies of Bis(Thiourea) Cadmium chloride- a Nonlinear Optical Material
Authors: V.Vidhya, R. Muraleedharan and J. Ramajothi
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Simulation of a zero voltage transition synchronous buck converter for portable applications
Authors: Maria Jim Stony, Marsaline Beno & Mary Florida
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Study on Structural, Electronic and Elastic Properties of Boron Arsenide Doped with Nitrogen Using Density Functional Theory
Authors: E.Viswanathan and M. Sundareswari
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Ductility behavior of Rh3Nb on ternary addition of Hf–a first principles study
Authors: M. Manjula and M. Sundareswari
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Influence of dual nano particles on high strength aircraft aluminum metal matrix nanocomposites produced by stir casting method
Authors: M.Vigneshwar, S.Divagar , S.T.Selvamani
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Structural and optical characterization study of HNO3 treated porous silicon
Authors: Jayasankari S, Prithvikumaran N & Mani P
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Two component polyurethane coatings from Isophorne diisocyanate and epoxy polyol
Authors: J.Tennis Anthuvan, N.SivaKumar
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Malachite green doped PVA film for nonlinear optical applications
Authors: L. Guru Prasad
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Preparation and Characterization of SnO2 Deposited using Jet Nebulizer Spray Pyrolysis for Gas Sensors
Authors: G. Selvan, N. Manjula, Ayeshamariam, and M.Jayachandran
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Studies on Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Electrochemically Synthesized Ce Doped ZnO Thin Films
Authors: T.Marimuthu and N.Anandhan
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Microstructural analysis of aa6063 - 5 and 7.5 wt. TiC nano composites
Authors: K. Kaviya , S. Saravanan, M. Ravichandran, P. Senthilkumar
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Structural, Optical, Dielectric and Photovoltaic Application of Mn, doped Zinc Selenide Nanoparticles
Authors: I.R. Celine Rose, F. Michael Raj, R.Sathish, A. Jeya Rajendran
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Red apple (Malus domestica) skin extract mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity
Authors: J.Emima Jeronsia, L. Allwin joseph, S. Jerome Das
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Nano polymer composites for engineering application
Authors: R. Henry Xavier, Donnatella Germaine Xavier
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Growth and optoelectronic properties of SnS thin film prepared by nebulized spray pyrolysis technique
Authors: P.S. Satheeshkumar, L.Amalraj
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Solvation studies of aqueous Mono ammonium phosphate solution at different temperatures
Authors: K. Renuka Devi, S. Geetha
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Study of acoustical properties of aqueous sodium dodecyl sulphate in the presence of builders sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate through ultrasonic technique
Authors: K. Renuka Devi, A. Gomathiyalini
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Acoustical and thermo dynamical properties of ammoniacal fertilizer solutions at various temperatures
Authors: K. Renuka Devi, S. Rathika
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Synthesis and dielectric properties of CdO nanoparticles for the fabrication of dye sensitized solar cell
Authors: F. Michael Raj, I.R.Celine Rose , R.Sathish, A. Jeya Rajendran
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Zn doped SnO2 Nano Structure Thin films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Authors: K. Pakiyaraj, V. Tamilnayagam, L. Amalraj
Abstract: Pdf Format
Formation and investigation of copper doped tio2 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Authors: V. Tamilnayagam, P. Jegatheesan, K. Pakiyaraj, L. Amalraj
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Studies on Mixed Waste Vegetable Oil for Production of Biodiesel by using Mg/AlNO3 and KOH as Catalyst
Authors: A.Sakthi Saravanan, S. Periasamy, P. Sivakumar, B. Vijayakumar,V. Santhosh, Muralidharan.N.G
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Production of Biodiesel by Cinder Supported nano MgO/KF as the Heterogeneous Base Catalyst using Rapeseed Oil
Authors: V. Santhosh, S. Periasamy, P. Sivakumar, B. Vijayakumar1 , N. Yasvanthrajan, Muralidharan.N.G
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Crystallization, Structural elucidation, Vibrational illustration and Quantum Chemical Calculation of a Pharmaceutical based Pyridine Derivative
Authors: M.Sangeetha, R.Mathammal
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Synthesis and Structural Investigation of (3e, 5e)-4, 5-bis (4-Fluro Benzylidene)-1-Methyl Piperidine-4-One Single Crystal
Authors: K. Saiadali Fathima and K. Anitha
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Synthesis, Structural, Optical, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Semi-Organic Nonlinear Optical Material: Lithium Para-Nitrophenolate Trihydrate
Authors: S. Selvakumar, A. Leo Rajesh
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Synthesis and Structural Investigation of 4-{[( E)-(5-ethylfuran-2-yl)methylidene]amino}-1,5- dimethyl-2-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-3H- pyrazol-3-one
Authors: M.Tamil Elakkiya*, R.Thirumurugan, K.Anitha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Synthesis, Crystal growth, spectral, optical, dielectric studies on Imidazolinium-LTartrate-A Promising NLO material
Authors: R. Mathammal, N. Sudha, S. Janagi,B. Prabavathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of conventional and microwave synthesized tin antimony nano particles
Authors: D. Lakshmi, Dr. B. Nalini
Abstract: Pdf Format
Content based fast image retrieval using hybrid optimization techniques
Authors: Umaa Maheshvari A, Thanushkodi K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Photocatalytic Activity of Ni0.5Ca0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles
Authors: T.Vigneswari, P.Raji
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optical and magnetic behavior of NiZnO nanoparticles
Authors: C. Thangamani and K.Pushpanathan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Synthesis and characterization of silicon dioxide doped zinc oxide nanoparticles
Authors: Ramanathan R, Ramasamy R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Photoluminescence characteristics of silicon dioxide doped zinc oxide nanoparticles for optoelectronic and medical applications
Authors: Ramanathan R, Ramasamy R
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of pH Value on the Preparation of SnO2 Nanoparticles
Authors: S. Jayapandi, K. Nithya and K. Anitha
Abstract: Pdf Format
Hydrodynamics studies on semi-fluidized bed reactor using internals
Authors: Nandhinidevi K.M, Syed arshathA, Deepika J, Gengadevi R
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The Spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman and NMR), First Order Hyperpolarizability and Homo-Lumo Analysis Of 8-Chlorotheophylline based on DFT calculations
Authors: N. Prabavathi, N. Senthil Nayaki
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HMTA assisted CuO nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and its Antibacterial Application
Authors: T. Hemalatha and S. Akilandeswari
Abstract: Pdf Format
Structural, Spectral analysis and Density Functional Theory Calculations of 3-Nitrophthalic acid
Authors: R. Mekala, R. Mathammal
Abstract: Pdf Format
Novel Synthesis of Spinel Zinc Stannate (Zn2SnO4) Electrode Material for Supercapacitor Applications
Authors: P.E.Saranya, A. NirmaleshNaveen and S.Selladurai
Abstract: Pdf Format
Molecular interaction study of inorganic liquid mixtures using excess values of acoustical parameters
Authors: Rathina. K, Umadevi. M, Ramalingam.H.Band Mahalakshmi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Inducement of higher order mesophases in hydrogen bonded ternary mixture liquid crystal complex
Authors: T. Mahalingam, T. Venkatachalam, R. Jayaprakasam, V.N. Vijayakumar
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optical, Structural and Electrical properties of NLO active 8-Hydroxyquinoline Single crystals
Authors: M.Krishnakumar, S.Brahadeeswaran
Abstract: Pdf Format
Optical and spectroscopic studies of Cd+ doped p-hydroxy acetophenone NLO single crystal
Authors: S. Sasi, R. Uthrakumar, S. Arumugam, R. Robert, and C. Inmozhi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Growth, optical, spectral and mechanical studies of pure l-asparagine and its based crystal
Authors: T. Vela, E. Esakki, G. Rajan
Abstract: Pdf Format
Crystal Growth, Structural, Optical, thermal and mechanical Studies of Sodium Zinc Sulphate – a Nonlinear Optical Material
Authors: K.Uma, R. Manimekalai and G. Pasupathi
Abstract: Pdf Format
Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy 7075-Silicon carbide Particulates reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
Authors: Arokiasamy S, Anand Ronald B, Pruthivirajan M, Mohan D
Abstract: Pdf Format
Experimental Investigation of Aluminium Alloy with Glass-Flax Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composite
Authors: Dinesh C, Ranga Raj R, Sivakumar P, Sivasakthi M
Abstract: Pdf Format
Influence of uranyl on the growth, linear, laser damage threshold and nonlinear optical studies on potential nonlinear optical single crystal: L-alanine
Authors: C.Rathika Thaya Kumari, M.Nageshwari, S.Sudha, M. Lydia Caroline*, G.Mani
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Design of Hybrid Energy Harvesting Oscillatory Swing and its Fabrication-A Prototype model for Public Play Areas
Authors: G.Ramesh Kumar, G.S.Senthil Kumar, S. GokulRaj , S.Yathavan
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Photocatalytic Activity of Ball Milled Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanoparticles
Authors: M. Anto Godwin, Mahithashri. K, R. Jeniffa, S.Selvamani, Sana Fathima T.K
Abstract: Pdf Format
Ultrathin g-C3N4 Nanosheets for waste water treatment
Authors: M. Anto Godwin, Mahithashri K, S.Selvamani, Josny Joy, Jincymol George
Abstract: Pdf Format
Analysis of transmission line parameters of single and three core XLPE cables
Authors: D.F. Jingle Jabha, K. Selvi, R. Joselin
Abstract: Pdf Format
Luminescent and biocompatible rare earth doped nanostructured hydroxyapatite for bioimaging applications
Authors: G. Vasugi, E. K. Girija
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of annealing on cobalt oxide nanoparticles for concentrated solar power system
Authors: S. Berbeth Mary, M. Joseph Salethraj, A. Leo Rajesh
Abstract: Pdf Format
Effect of temperature on structural, ferroelectric and dielectric properties of synthesized Bi3.5Sm0.5Ti3O12 powders
Authors: V.Selvamurugan, G.Mangamma, A.Marikani, D.Madhavan, M.Kamruddin
Abstract: Pdf Format
Visible light photocatalytic activity of mechanically alloyed SnS
Authors: V.Maheskumar, B.Vidhya
Abstract: Pdf Format
9 Vibrational Spectroscopic studies on Hydrazonium L-tartrate
Authors: V. Kannan, S. Brahadeeswaran
Abstract: Pdf Format

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