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Synthesis of zinc oxide by flame synthesis method – its application for hydrogen storage
Authors: V.Viditha, K.Srilatha, V.Himabindu, Y.Anjaneylu
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New trends in organic synthesis
Authors: Mutta Reddy S
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A study on physico-chemical parameters of water in machilipatnam municipality
Authors: Elisha Divakar Tella, T.Benjamin, P.Venkateswarao, M.V.Vidyullatha, K.Mounika
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Excess thermo acoustic parameters on binary mixture of tetrahydropyran with 1-pentanol
Authors: K.Anil kumar, Srinivasu CH, T.S.Krishna and K.Narendra
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A tale of nine new elements
Authors: Shaik Annar
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Effect of plastic pollution on environment
Authors: M.Subba Reddy, P. Srinivasulu Reddy, G. Venkata Subbaiah and H. Venkata subbaiah
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Simultaneous second order derivative spectrophotometric determination of iron and bismuth in alloys and ores
Authors: Mohan Reddy KPPR
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A review on nano applications
Authors: Shaik Annar
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Theoretical evaluation of ultrasonic velocities in binary liquid mixtures of pyrrolidinone with propane-1, 2-diol at different temperatures
Authors: T. Srinivasa Krishna, B. Munibhadrayya, K. Narendra, K. Anil kumar, K.Thomas SS Raju
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Studies on synthesis of tetra dentate schiff bases derived from o-phthalaldehyde and their ru (ii) complexes
Authors: Sreenivas V , Aruna M and Prasanna B & Ravinder V
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Substituent effects: kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some aryl thioacetic acids by dichloroisocyanuric acid (dcica)
Authors: K. Lakshmi Prameela
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Selective transformations of carbonyl functions in the presence of α, β-unsaturated ketones: concise asymmetric total synthesis of decytospolides a and b
Authors: Padmavathi KV
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Recent trends in superheavy chemical elements
Authors: Mohammed Najmuddin Khan
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Green chemistry: advancements and obstacles in related techniques
Authors: B. Koteswara Rao, M. Murali
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Synthesis and characterization of oxovanadium (iv), cr (iii), mn (ii) and fe(iii) complexes of some quinoxaline schiff bases
Authors: Mogili R, Sri Hari S
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Visible spectrophotometric determination of oxyfedrine through oxidative coupling reaction in bulk sample and dosage forms
Authors: J.Mythri, B.S.Anusha And M.Srinivasa Reddy
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Nanofluids: a promising future
Authors: Ravi Kumar J, Vinod Kumar Goud P
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Determination of fluoride content in ground water at vinukonda area
Authors: M.Yanadi Rao
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Development and validation of rp-hplc method for the estimation of fourth generation cephalosporins (cefepime) in pure and dosage form
Authors: Syama Sundar B, Gurucharana Das V
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