Volume 9 Issue 4
Runway detection in aerial images by gradient orientations
Authors Saranya KV, S.Md.Mansoor Roomi, Vasuki P, and Abinaya

Reengineering The Process of Performance Evaluation towards the Employee’s Development – Need of the Time in IT Industry
Authors Nithya Daimy KM and S Edmund Christopher

Impact of Television Advertisement on Buying Behaviour of Rural Consumers towards FMCG in Kanyakumari District
Authors Asha K and Merlin Thanga Joy A

Customer Retention Strategies in Hotel Industry in Trivandrum
Authors Thomas Chacko and Merlin Thanga Joy A

Personalized learning management system using semantic web based learning style detection
Authors M.Farida Begam and Gopinath Ganapathy

Tuning of IMC based fractional order PID controller for level control in spherical tank
Authors Kirthini Godweena A and K Sundaravadivu

T-Joint weld optimization using Taguchi method
Authors Midhun Ranjan, Seenivasagan Gunasekaran and Resmi Reghu

TV watching habits and influence of television commercials on buying products among male and female children in rural area
Authors Sahaya Vijithra P and Chandrachoodan Nair B

Failure Potency Forecast of Tensile Coupon Using Acoustic Emission Felicity Ratio with Artificial Neural Networks
Authors Mahil Loo Christopher C and Sasikumar T

An assessment of service quality and patient satisfaction in healthcare services using SERVQUAL model
Authors L. T. Linimol and B. Chandrachoodan Nair

Attitude of consumer towards handloom products with special reference to Trivandrum district
Authors Gayathri V Nair and Kinslin D

A Study on Inventory Management System in Faywalk Fashions at Tuticorin
Authors Sharmila Anjumara K and Wilson M

A Study on Job Stress and Employee Performance with Special Reference to Private Banking Sector, Kanyakumari District
Authors J. Kavitha Lakshmi J and Merlin Thanga Joy A

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - A drive for Financial Inclusion
Authors M.Bhuvana, S. Vasantha and R.Bharath

Customer satisfaction towards multi-specialty hospitals in Parassala- a comparative study
Authors M Sunimol and A. Merlin Thanga Joy

Optimization of Distributed Generation System
Authors R. Divya and K.Thenmalar

Impact of shift work on employees in BPO companies
Authors Aiswarya S and D.Kinslin

A Rate adaptation algorithm for IEEE802.11 wireless networks for commercial applications
Authors Jeba Sonia J and Julia Punitha Malar Dhas

Competency management as a strategy for performance appraisal
Authors Lekshmi P and R.Radhika

The relationship between the major factors and employee attrition in it sector a special reference to Techno Park Trivandrum
Authors M.Rajeshwari and M.Sulaipher

Fabrication of biodegrdable bone plates using polymer and nanocomposite matrix
Authors Gopu Govindasamy, Srividhyasakthi Vijayakumar, Kavya P, Ranganayaki M and Sangavi M

Design and simulation of Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) to supply three phase induction motor using fuzzy logic controller
Authors K.Saravanan, A. Senthil Kumar and N.Nandini

Mobility models and their influence on mobile AdHoc Networks
Authors R. Logambal and K.Chitra

A Channel independent precoding with different equalization techniques in a MIMO based system
Authors Varna L. Babu, Luxy Mathews, and Sakuntala S. Pillai

Spatial dependence in Bayesian Analysis
Authors D. Sheeba Singh and M. Immaculate Mary

A Novel method for voltage sag compensation using AC chopper
Authors Vikash M, Ilampoornan MK, and Umamaheswari R

Optimization of Weld Bead Profile Parameters in TIG Welding Process for Inconel 718 Alloy Using RSM and Regression Analysis
Authors P. Jerold Jose and M. Dev Anand

An Indigenous Device Used to Monitor Respiration Rate
Authors Gopu Govindasamy, R.Suryarajan, Caroline Vinnetia, Radhika and Rubini

Detection of end members in agricultural and mineral ore hyperspectral images
Authors S. Selva Jenifer and Shirley Selvan

A Comparative Study on the Importance Given To the Model and Brand by Consumers When Purchasing Consumer Durables and FMCG Products
Authors Awin Russel and B. Chandrachoodan Nair

Study on Communication Practices Among Team Members in Project Management Organizations
Authors Reena Andrew, K. A. Janardhanan and D. Kinslin

Insights of modernized banking system of India from research perspective
Authors Jayaram J and P N Prasad

An overview of information technology industry in india
Authors Lekshmi P and R. Radhika

Consumer’s perception on the initiatives of corporate social responsibility – product industry
Authors R. Manimalar, Fabian Andrew James and S. Sudha

Marine Fisheries in Tamilnadu – An Overview
Authors Jasbin Bino. P and R. Radhika

A Whole Community Approach to Disaster Management: Preparedness, Involvement, and Empowerment for Action
Authors M.C. Shibin Tad and K.A. Janardhanan

Survey on secured online authentication and defence technique against 3rd party human attacks using CAPTCHA
Authors G. Sai Kirthiga and Vaithyasubramanian. S

A Study on Factors that Influence the Usage of E-Resources among the Faculty Members in Engineering Colleges
Authors G. Ramadas, P.Saravanan, S. Hariharan,

A Study on the Construction Workers Cultural View Towards Safety Environment
Authors S Nobert Leo Raja, D Kinslin and K.A. Janardhanan

Investigations on Solid State Synthesized CdO-Mn3O4 Nanocomposites
Authors Sagi Rani.C and N.Joseph John

Brand choice on consumer buying behavior for passenger car – With reference to State of Kerala
Authors Sreelal G.S and Chandrachoodan Nair B

Car buyers’ brand choice with reference to country of origin
Authors Sreelal GS and B Chandrachoodan Nair

The relationship between macroeconomic factors and stock market indices performances in Indian stock market
Authors V.P.Velmurugan and K.A.Janardhanan

Zinc sulfide nanoparticles: processing, properties and applications: an overview
Authors P. Asha, M. Rajeswari and B. Bindhu

Measuring strategy of services marketing using 7p’s
Authors N. Pradeesh Kumar and P. N. Prasad

A Study on digital marketing and its impact
Authors Deekshith .D andKinslin D

Molecular Optimized Structure, NLO Applications Like Frequency Doubling and SHG, Fock Matrix of NBO Analysis, HOMO and LUMO Frontier Orbital Energies Analysis, Different Thermochemsitry Properties of 4-Fluoro-3-Methylbenzonitrile Based on Quantum Chemical Calculations
Authors Shajikumar, Arockiasamy Ajaypraveenkumar and R. Ganapathi Raman

Education and enforcement in traffic management
Authors V.Sree Devi, B.V. Sree Kumar and .M.Sulaipher

Online shopping - a strategy need for rural customer
Authors Fenin Samuel. S and K. A. Janardhanan

Analysis about the causes and consequences of child labour in Kanyakumari district
Authors Vijayaraghavan.T and K.A.Janardhanan

Motive behind the pool of IT professionals focusing Indian IT industry – an analytic study
Authors Nithya Daimy. K.M

Analytical study on green HR practices- need a paradigm shift
Authors Nithya Daimy KM, Edmund Christopher S

A Study on Work Life Balance of Teachers in Engineering Colleges in Kerala
Authors Dhanya J S and Kinslin D

Model and analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger by using exhaust gases of diesel generator
Authors Kiran Raj R, M. Sivapragash and M. Dev Anand

Design of distributed model predictive control using particle swarm optimization for alkylation process
Authors Betty Elezebeth Samuel and Latha Parthiban

Multimodal biometric based authentication for ensuring data security in Cloud Computing
Authors Teena Joseph and Latha Parthiban

Evaluation and Personalization of Noise Reduction Algorithms in Digital Hearing Aids
Authors G.Jayanthi and Latha Parthiban

Diagnosis of Abnormality in Ultrasound Kidney Images using Spectral Components
Authors Christina Baby and Latha Parthiban

Data mining techniques for finding serious Adverse Events
Authors G.V.Sriramakrishnan and Latha Parthiban

Wireless sensor network failure recovery algorithms: a review
Authors Jaichandran R, Dekson DE, Dinesh

Mobile antenna design and testing for wireless frequency applications
Authors Salai Thillai Thilagam J, P.K.Jawahar, Amit Kumar

RP-HPLC Method for Identification and Quantification of Vitexin from the Plant Justicia gendarussa
Authors Raghu MG, Pushpa Agrawal

Analysis of interoperability between mobile apps cross-platforms development using LCIM Model
Authors C.Shanthi, M.S.Josephine, V.JeyabalaRaja

Exploring impact of cognitive style and modeling student learning using E-portfolios
Authors Dekson DE, Jaichandran R Gugan

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using sick LMS and DVS128
Authors Jyotshna M, Jaisankar N, Mrs.Punitha A

Modified transformer monitored by real time system based on GSM network in nuclear power plant
Authors Salai Thillai Thilagam J, Amudha T, Ezhilmathy MT

New Classes of α-valuation and total product cordial graph
Authors Tamilselvi L

Oscillatory and Non Oscillatory Properties of Functional Difference Equations and Its Applications
Authors Balasubramanian A, Mohankumar P

A Survey of Brain Tumour Segmentation and Classification For fMRI Data
Authors Mahendran R and Dekson DE

Analysis of Pharmacovigilance with Data Mining Techniques – A Survey
Authors R. Kalavathy, R. M. Suresh, S Muthuselvan

Oscillatory and Nonoscillatory Behaviour of Third order Neutral Delay Difference Equations
Authors V,Ananthan, P.Mohankumar

Biometric facial image encryption for secure image storage
Authors D.Vijendra Babu, M.Thilak, A.Karthikeyan, V.Rajendran, P.Suriyaprakash

Cancer Detection in Rotational Breast Thermography Images using Bispectral Invariant Features
Authors Sheeja.V.Francis, N.Punitha, M.Sasikala

Texture analysis and classification methods
Authors P Subramanian

Semantic framework for ontology based information modelling
Authors N. Edison Rathinam, Dr.Latha Parthiban

4G Networks based on quality of service
Authors G. Alisha Evangeline, R.Indumathi, K.Sasirekha

Repair and Rehabilitation of a Cantilever Beam
Authors B.Jayashree

Role of Zero Divisors on Cyclic Codes
Authors V. Gayathri, V. K. Radhakrishnan

Integration of disease diagnosis using machine learning concept and best drug identification using data analysis
Authors S Jayabalan and Jaichandran R

Meta Path Based Top-K Similarity Join In Heterogeneous Information Networks
Authors S.Sheik Faritha Begum, A.Rajesh, M.Vinnarasi

Value and Pattern Anonymization of Time Series Data for Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Authors J.S.Adeline Johnsana, A.Rajesh, S.Sangeetha and S.Kishore Verma

Solution of system of Boolean equation to give the input of the circuit
Authors A.Kanchana, K.Srinivasa Rao

Accuracy Confined Access Control (Acac) For Privacy Preserving Data Streams
Authors S.Kishore Verma, A.Rajesh, S.Anuradha and J.S.Adeline Johnsana

Dynamic spectrum access for TCP performance improvement in cognitive radio network
Authors A.Senthamarai Selvan, A.Rajesh, N.Sasikala

Spontaneous Physical Property Tables for Single Crystals (1-x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 –xPbTiO3 (PMN-PT) in Multi-Ferroic Phase Transitions
Authors CH Yamini Sankar, S Umadevi, M Radha Madhavi, M.Vijaya Lakshmi

An efficient clustering algorithm for mining high speed data streams
Authors N. Sivakumar, Dr. S. Anbu

A novel approach to analyze and estimate error rate for a web Crawler Data Set
Authors Rajesh. L, Shanthi. V, Lakshmi Narasimhan.V

Digital Steganography through Enhanced Multi-Party Covert Communication
Authors Jithesh K, S.B Kishor, Pradeep K Butey

Non spit two out degree equitable domination number in graphs
Authors K.Mathevan Pillai, M.S.Mahesh, G.Selvam

Bulk arrival, fixed batch service queue with unreliable server and with Bernoulli vacation, Two stages of service
Authors Kalyanaraman.R and Nagarajan.P

Enhancing client side search using Django and image cache
Authors Venkatesh Raghul E, Niranjana G, Vignesh G

Android based unlocking mobile waving pattern with waving pattern for emergency support system
Authors VijayaKumar M, R.Senthamarai, K.Pushpavathi

Android Application for Mind/Brain Puzzle Game
Authors Parimala N, R.Senthamarai, K.Pushpavathi

Phone theft detection & continuous tracking with user profile recording using android
Authors Senguttuvan S, R.Senthamarai, K.Pushpavathi

Implementation of Context Aware Medical Ontology and Health Recommender Framework
Authors S.Senthilkumar, G.Tholkappia Arasu

Economical biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using fruit waste
Authors Anil R Shet, Shwetha Tantri, Arvind Bennal

Optimal Identity Preserving Mechanism Using Attribute Based Encryption in Cloud Environment
Authors Gladwin A

Design of hydraulic bound layer for ballastless track
Authors Nandhini M, Jaghan S

Synthesis and reactivity of coordinated tetradentate dithioacetylacetonate of bivalent transition metal ions
Authors M.Merlin

Analysis of rubber aggregates used concrete beams
Authors Priyanka Asutkar, S. B.Shinde, P. R. Punase

Third party auditing techniques in cloud data storage
Authors R.K.Saranya, A.Vidhya, D.Bhaskar

Simulation study of single stage multilevel full bridge converter
Authors R.Sivasankari, S.Vishnu Priya, D.Dani Shaffrya, M.Sasikumar

A comparative study of artificial neural network architectures and cox proportional hazard model using heart attack data
Authors S. Prathap, V. Vallinayagam, and P. Venkatesan

Structural and mechanical analysis of graphene coated aluminum alloy sheet
Authors Reshma VM, Martin Sarath C, Nelson H

Aircraft recognition in high-resolution using wavelet transform features
Authors S Manju, Padmapriya R, SharonShanthini P, Nithya T

Automatic Weight Monitoring Using Rfid and Load Cell
Authors M.Lakshmi, K.Hariprasad

Effect of Functionalized (COOH) Multi-Walled Carbon Nano-tubes (MWCNTs) on Anti-Wear Performance of an Engine Oil
Authors Jaikumar Mayakrishnan*, Aswin Ganapathy

Folding and simulation of airbag deployment
Authors V. Murugamani

Enhanced acetone vapour detection with fast response & recovery based on cobalt doped Zno Nanostructures
Authors D.Madhesh, S.P.SubinDavid, S.Kalaiselvam

Computation of stress intensity factor on different crack geometry in Al7020 using finite element method
Authors Jegan Dhas P, Vel Murugan, Leo Bensingh, Ashok rugul E

A numerical analysis of front beam of an automobile by using Ansys APDL
Authors J. Paul Chandra Kumar, N. Rajesh Kumar

Design of helicopter fire rescue bridge (Prototype)
Authors J.Dilipsingh, K.Jagatheesan

Arduino Controlled Robotic Snake for Monitoring the Rescue Operations
Authors P.Sabthagiri Rajan, M.Purushothaman

Design and fabrication of breathable air level monitor regulating system
Authors Chandra Mohan M, Purushothaman M

Electrical resistivity of Nano-Hgs under high pressure and temperature
Authors K.M. Freny Joy and N. Victor Jaya

Detection of IC usage using AF based sensor
Authors Venugopala Krishnan J, Anisha SR

Design of Low power multipliers with Braun architecture using column bypassing multipliers
Authors G.Balachandran, N.Kandasamysuryaprakash, T.N.Devaprakash

Multiple bit error detecting and correcting parallel decoder for BCH codes
Authors T. Jagadesh, Chrishia Christudhas

Design of CMPFFE in current mode signalling for high performance and low power
Authors J.Jebastine, Francis Mary.T

Efficient power consumption encoding technique for DSRC applications
Authors S.Ranjith, V.Christy Hancy Rani

A Comparative Study on CBL, COT, BEC Techniques Based Carry Select Adder
Authors J.Venu Gopala Krishnan, B.Kasthuri

A Literature review on hybrid watermarking based VLSI schemes for real time authentication
Authors V.Nanammal, BV.Kavetha, R.Bhavani

Geospatial Application using web GIS
Authors Subathra A, Nivedha Deve S, Geetha P, Soman KP

Implementation of pass transistor logic in recursive parallel self-timed adder to achieve low power
Authors J. Jebastine, A.Praveen

Electronic Waste Management
Authors J.Venu Gopala Krishnan, J.Jebastine

Emission free prime mover
Authors A.Ajithkumar, K.Gopalakrishnan, S.Gokul, J.Hrishi, S.Bharath Raghav

Integrated High Step-Up Converter with WCCIS and VMCS for PV applications
Authors Pravina P, Catherineamala Priya E, Kavitha Kumari KS

Evaluation of Grid Dependant-Pem Fuel Cell Using Matlab
Authors Sakthi S, Rajarajeswari.P, Sasikumar M, Sridevi V

A systematic study on the improvement of irrigation system with an automatic water flow controller
Authors P.Wilson, T.Arun Srinivas and V.Sridevi

Anfis based road accident prediction and detection by analyzing and tracking vehicular movement
Authors S Benjamin Arul

Design of Multiplier less circuit for image compression using DCT
Authors J.Nithya, V.Devi Sudha

Synthesis and Characterization of 0.5 mol % KHP doped L-Asparagine Monohydrate
Authors Su.Narmatha, S.R.Thilagavathy, K.Ambujam

Highly Sensitive Simultaneous Determination of Oxybutynin and N-Desethyloxybutynin in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS
Authors Vivek Anand PA, Sambasiva Rao Puram, Raman Batheja, Subbarao NB

A New Template for the synthesis of Nanoporous silicate Material
Authors M.A. Mary Thangam, J. Ilavarasi Jeyamalar and C. Kannan

Synthesis and characterization of a novel mesoporous Al-KMSU silica catalyst with high thermal stability
Authors J. Ilavarasi Jeyamalar, M. A. Mary Thangam and Chellapandian Kannan

Effect of spillway profiles in air-water interactions using ANOVA
Authors G.Senthilkumar

Investigation of Engine Performance and Emissions of B20 Biodiesel Blend and Effect of EGR on NOx Emissions Reduction
Authors Jeya Jeevahan, M. Chandrasekaran, G. Mageshwaran, G. Britto Joseph, S. Staline

Analysis of the effect of geometry of vortex tube on cold side and hot side air stream temperatures
Authors Jeya Jeevahan, M. Chandrasekaran, G. Mageshwaran, G. Britto Joseph

Synthesis, cytotoxic activity and molecular docking study of Bis-Rhodanine derivative
Authors P.K. Harshitharaj, R. Kumar and S. Ravi

But the reverse is not true: a critical review on staining protocol of uterine natural killer cells!
Authors Seyyed Amir Yasin Ahmadi, Soheila Akbari, Farhad Shahsavar

The pH effect on Polarographic Potential wave of Carvediolol, Atenolol and Propranolol
Authors Oraas Adnan Hatem, Falah Shareef Abed Suhail, Amer Mousa Juda

Effect of Peel and Leaf Extract of Walnut (Juglans Regia L.) on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania major in BALB/c Mice
Authors Ali Sharafi Chegeni, Behrouz Ezatpour, Mehdi Mohebali, Hossein Mahmoudvand, Mohammad Zibaei, Farzad Ebrahimzadeh, Marzieh Rashidipour, Naser Babaei, Samaneh Chaharmiri Dokhaharani

Chemical characterization and anti-inflammatory activity of Piladang Leaf (Coleus Atropurpureus) Extract
Authors Verawati, Mimi Aria, Dira, Sandia Maisa, Annisa Maharani

Inhibitory activity of Fennel methanolic extract against hydatid cyst protoscoleces
Authors Hossein Mahmoudvand, Sareh Jahanbakhsh, Sedigheh Nadri, Hormoz Mahmoudvand

Topologic and spectroscopic approach of tricarbonylchromium complexes
Authors Souhila Laib and Nadia Ouddai

Design and analysis of Composite Transmission Shaft
Authors V.Sriram, G. Mageshwaran, R B Durairaj, P.Sureshkumar, J.Sathish

The susceptibility to diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetic patients of Iran is not affected by the M55V polymorphism of SUMO4
Authors Farhad Shahsavar, Alireza Azargoon, Niloofar Khodabandehlou, Seyyed Amir Yasin Ahmadi

A RRP Configuration Robot Arm for Drawing Application
Authors Pratik Baid, Manoj Kumar.V

Control of a legged robot using brain computer interface
Authors G. Vasavi and M. R. Stalin John

Design and fabrication of powered wireless control lower limb exoskeleton for rehabilitation process
Authors Rithin George Skaria, M.R.Stalin John*, and V.P.R.Sivakumar

The postcoital anti-implantation research of ethanol extract of Black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa l.) against white female rats
Authors Ria Afrianti, Putri Ramadheni, Utia Khairani, Sanubari Rela Tobat

Sea water as a fuel
Authors R.Saravanakumar, S.Shakthivel, N.Arun, T.Rajasekaran

Two-wheeled self-balancing autonomous robot
Authors Srinath. G, V. P. Haridasan.

Anti-phytopathogenic and SAR inducing properties of Neem: a review
Authors Navodit Goel*, Kumari Anukrati, P K Paul

Autonomous locomotion of Leg-Wheel Transformation robot
Authors Balamurugan. G, V. P. Haridasan

Characteristics Analysis of Industrial IRB 1410 Robot spray coating using Nano paint
Authors Thushar T, Prabhu S

Ambient Air prominence information Analysis Collision/Population
Authors K. Uma

Study physical properties of composite ZnO- Sb2O3 using liquid Impregnation Method
Authors Hazim Y. Al-gubury, Nada Y. Fairooz, Qasim Y.Mohammed

Tendon-Driven Anthropomorphic Dexterous end effector for Medical Assesment Tools
Authors Anbarasan E*, Vasanth Kumar Ch

Design, and development of basic vision module of an industrial ABB IRB1410 Robot
Authors Indrani Sanyal, A. Vijaya

Design and fabrication of friction stir welding automatic end-effector for industrial ABB IRB1410
Authors Vanama Santosh, V. Raghavendra Rao, Vasanth Kumar. CH

Design and fabrication of mini flexible trunk like manipulator
Authors Kaarthick Babu N.G.B, Balamurugan S

Servo operated three finger sensitive gripper with pressure feedback for Irb1410 robot
Authors A. Sarath Chandra Reddy, Vasanth kumar CH

Modelling and Fabrication of Adaptable Tree Climbing Robot
Authors S Saravanan, E. Muthu

Efficient Finding of Item sets in Knowledge Representation using RHUI Extraction
Authors K. Uma

Experimental investigation on performance and emissions of CI engine using neam/diesel blend
Authors Shankar R, Balaji G

Analysis and experimental validation of asymmetrically loaded clamped circular plate
Authors Tejasvi.P, A.Vijaya

Abattoir wastewater treatment using Cicer arentinum seed powder as natural coagulant
Authors Sheik Mohammed Shibl. A, R.Viji, and Dharaniraj. B

Selection of oral Lactobacillus with high adherence capacity from Syrian Children
Authors Nawal Daoud, Khalil Al khouatli, Moustafa Al amouri

DFT and TDDFT of mechanism in radical polymerization
Authors Salima Zekri, Nadjia Latelli, and Nadia Ouddai

Numerical Analysis of Hemispherical Pin on disk Tribometer under Lubricated Condition
Authors Shubrajit Bhaumik, Arnab Basak

Phytochemical and Elemental Exploration of Nothoscordum gracile (Aiton) Stearn for Its Medicinal Potential
Authors M. C. Sidhu, Sweta Thakur

Analysis and comparison in the energy-delay area domain of Topologically Compressed Flip Flop
Authors C.Murugan, B.Thamilvalluvan1, M.Anto Bennet, D.Jeno Francis

Optimised design of injection mold for a cover plate component simulation to predict defects in castings
Authors S. Balamurugan, Vinit Nair, N.G.B.Kaarthick Babu, S.Vignesh Shanmugam

Optimization of vertical axis wind turbine on individual blade pitch control
Authors Akshay Aggarwal, Durgesh Mishra, Vignesh Chandramouli, Santhosh Rani

Power Generation from Exhaust Gas of Single Cylinder Four stroke Diesel Engine Using Thermoelectric Generator
Authors Vijay Krishna.N, Kanish Kumar, Mayukh Nemani

Mechanical Characterization of E-Glass Woven Fabric Composite: An Experimental Study
Authors Infanta Mary Priya.I, B.K.Vinayagam, M.R.Stalin John, Sabarishwaran.M

Molecular docking studies and in silico pharmacokinetic property study of synthesized organotin complex of (1r, 2s, 5r)-2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexanol
Authors Rohit Babu Aniyery*, Anjali Sharma, Anita Gupta

Impact of Magnesium Oxide incorporation on tensile and hardness properties of Polystyrene/Magnesium Oxide composites
Authors Salah Eddine Hachani, Ahmed Meghezzi, Nadia Nebbache, Mohamed Slimani

Bioremediation of pesticide (mancozeb) by two aspergillus species isolated from surface water contaminated by pesticides
Authors Nadjet Aimeur, Wafa Tahar, Messaouda Meraghni, Nabila Meksem, and Ouahiba Bordjiba

Synthesis of Rice Husk Nano-Particles for Biodiesel Production
Authors K.Vinukumar, A.Azhagurajan, V.Karthick Stephen

Selective cytotoxicity Assay in anticancer drug of Melittin Isolated from Bee Venom (Apis cerana indica) to several human cell lines: HeLa, WiDr and Vero
Authors Makkasau Plasay, Syarifuddin Wahid, Rosdiana Natzir, Upik A. Miskad

Inverse Kinematics Solution of a Five Joint Robot Using NARX Algorithm
Authors I. Jacob Raglend, M. Dev Anand, G. Glan Devadhas, D. M. Mary Synthia Regis Prabha

A Novel technique for patient health monitoring system
Authors G.Glan Devadhas, Akhil Jose, D.M.Mary Synthia Regis Prabha, Avinashe K K

Design and fabrication of Clone Segway personal transporter
Authors Infanta Mary Priya.I, B.K.Vinayagam, M.R.Stalin John

Design and fabrication of three axis robot for material handling in chemical industries
Authors S Senthilraja, R Gangadevi and M Thirugnanam

Parkinson`s disease and emerging of imaging tools for prognosis and diagnosis applications
Authors Abdolmajid Taheri, Daryoush Fatehi, Ayoob Rostamzadeh

Design and Development of Solar Assisted Hybrid Tricycle
Authors Fiyanshu Karla, Aniket Jana, Saibby Singh, S.Shakthivel

Experimental Investigation on Exhaust Gas Emission (Co and Co2) Reduction in Automobile System
Authors R.Gangadevi, B.K.Vinayagam, S.Senthilraja

Developing prototype of single cylinder diesel pump to meet emission standards
Authors M Dhanasekaran, MM Pranav

Molecular Understanding of Zellweger Spectrum Disorder (Zsd): Microarray Gene Expression Analysis
Authors Ruchi Yadav

Anti-Oxidant activity of various leaf extracts of mulberry species in rotenone induced oxidative stress model of rat
Authors Sheeba Saji Samuel, Abhishek Desai, R Raghubir and Venkatesh Kumar R

Modelling and analysis of internal fixation devices for distal femoral bone fractures
Authors S. Karuppudaiyan and D.V. Gopi Krishna

Preparation of Azo dye and study of the photo activity of zinc oxide
Authors Zaied A Mosaa and Hazim Y. Al-gubury

Incorporation of phase change material for passive cooling in building roof
Authors Premnath D, Yuvaraj R, Santhana Krishnan R, Arulmani S

Fabrication and testing of PVC composites with flyash and mica as hybrid reinforcements
Authors Vaddi Thulasikanth, Manoj Samson R, Senkathir S, Arun Raj.A.C

Health 2.0 powered by cloud applications: The solid promotion of healthcare systems
Authors P K Paul, Kiran Lata Dangwal

Environmental informatics: An important and possible domain for building a sustainable world
Authors P. K. Paul, Kiran Lata Dangwal

Identification of lead contaminant in river water quality data
Authors S Brintha Rajakumari, C.Nalini

Experimental investigation on convective heat transfer characteristics in a circular tube fitted with perforated twisted tape and wire coil
Authors E. Kannan, C. Balasuthagar, S. Ponsankar, M. sivashankar

Development of hybrid E-glass fibre reinforced polymer matrix composite and study of mechanical properties
Authors anoj Samson R, Vaddi Thulasikanth, Senkathir S, Arun Raj A C, Geethapriyan T

Soil sampler robot with localization for agro purposes
Authors Vasanthkumar CH, V Raghavendra Rao, Gujjari BalaSiva Krishna

Performance analysis of process parameters on machining of Inconel 718 using electrical discharge machining with brass electrode
Authors Senkathir S, Arun Raj A C, Vaddi Thulasikanth, Manoj Samson R

Loading and unloading automation of center less grinding machine
Authors N.Arun, R.Harris Samuel, M.Sachidhanandam

Influence of magnetized water on concrete by replacing cement partially with copper slag
Authors S. Bharath, S. Subraja, P. Arun Kumar

Knowledge, attitude and performance of the nurses working in neonatal wards about treatment of pain in neonates
Authors Mehrdad Maghami1, Hamidreza Aghababaeian, Sadegh Ahmadi Majin, Ahmad Moosavi, Noorollah Tahery

Variable magnetic damper for semi-active suspension system
Authors Vamsi Krishna Dommeti, N.SaiPrabhu

Role of parainfluenza virus types in otitis media in Babylon – Iraq
Authors Ayam M. Salih, Ghanim A.J.AL-Mowla, Jawad Kadim T. Al-Khafaji

CFD investigation of temperature and pressure drop characteristics in a diesel particulate filter
Authors M.Sivashankar, M.Ijasahmed, E.Kannan

Theoretical investigation of homoleptic lanthanid complexes Ln(AlMe4)3
Authors Houria Bennaceur, Nadia Ouddai

Biological and morphological characteristics of skin fibroblast cells; Current clinical status and future prospects- A review
Authors Safar Ali Amiri Andi, Monireh Azizi, Ayoob Rostamzadeh, Ardeshir Moayeri

Future of molecular imaging and role of nanotechnology and chemistry in ultrasound method for disease treatment
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Role of imaging modalities for diagnosis of pancreatic neoplasia in early stages
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Therapeutic mechanisms of fibroblast cells in the skin conditions; trends in clinical applications- A Review
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Design and thermal analysis on engine cylinder fins by modifying its material and geometry
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Optimization of process parameters of machining pure titanium by wire-cut EDM using response surface methodology
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Sentiment analysis of informal text using a rule based model
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A Novel Approach based on Merging of Super pixels for Retinal Area Detection in SLO Image
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Design and Fabrication of Automatically Guided Mobile Manipulator
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Patient education: impact of pharmacists in providing patient education in asthma patients
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Corrosion behavior of Multi walled carbon nano tubes reinforced Zirconium oxy chloride Composite coated over SS316 L in sodium chloride solution
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Assessment of physicochemical properties of furosemide (40mg) tablets marketed in Syria
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A Design methodology to integrate social networking and e-Learning
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A review on trends and approaches in post-harvest handling of pineapple
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Influence of pruning severity on quality attributes in berries of grape cv. Italia
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Urea receptors; mechanism and binding properties DFT Study
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Polymorphisms of Glutathione-S-Transferase M1 and T1 Genes in Breast Cancer Tissue in Iraqi patients
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Design a flow injection system for determination of proteins using Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 Dye
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Pseudomonal infections in patients with burns in Al- Mouasat Hospital in Damascus - Syria
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Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Cichorium intybus (L) and it’s Characterization
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CFD analysis of forced convection heat transfer in a domestic refrigerator
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Effect of filler material in bamboo fiber reinforced polymer composites
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Chemical and thermal analysis of the sunflower oil used in a parabolic dish cooker for a sensible heat storage
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Experimental Performance Enhancement of Thermal Storage with PCM
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The knowledge of attitudes of environmental health and occupational health students toward their field of study and future career in Ardebil University of Medical Sciences
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of metal complexes with pyrazoline derivative bearing indole and naphthyl moieties
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Empirical Mode Decomposition based Classification Method for Seizure/Non-Seizures Signals
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On the application of novice to expert theory in nursing; a systematic review
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Development of solid state sensor by using CuMoO4 – CuO and electronic circuit for digital display of humidity
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Experimental study of eco-friendly refrigerants in vapour compression system with different diameters capillary
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Study of some biochemical constituents of peels and pulps of Pomegranate (Punica granatum)
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Application of Grey Taguchi Optimization for surface roughness and hardness in end milling
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Finite element analysis of human rib bone and implant design
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Development and Estimation of Dorzolamide Hydrochloride by Different Spectroscopic Methods
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The knowledge and attitude of women in Kermanshah on Osteoporosis (2015)
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Comparative study of awareness, attitude, and performance of hairdressers in west regions of Iran in terms of personal hygiene, decontamination of tools and devices, and general status of building
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Performance characteristics of various refrigerant blends in a refrigeration kit
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Optimization of lift to drag ratio in a horizontal axis wind turbine Blade profile using CFD
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Studying the causes of hospitalization and death of those hospitalized in the ICU unit of Imam Reza (PBUH) Hospital of Kermanshah (2008 to 2013)
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Preparing and developing an optimized model to determine cost-efficiency for urban waste water treatment plants
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Increasing the effectiveness of heat exchanger using Al2O3 nano particle mixed working fluid
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Investigating the frequency of risky pregnancies and its associated causes
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Analyzing the Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Profile of Palm Kernel Biodiesel using GC/MS, NMR and FTIR Techniques
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Relationship between workaholism and personality factors among nurses: a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study
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Determination of dissociation constant and stability constant of Mn-Myristic acid complex in ethanol-water mixture by using Matlab programming
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Experimental analysis of shell and tube thermal energy storage system with finned tube
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Design and development of smart cashew nut shelling, inspection & grading machine
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Fabrication and analysing the mechanical properties of Kenaf fibre mat reinforced composites
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Influence of permeation enhancers on the diffusion and permeation kinetics of anastrazole gels through mouse skin
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Effect of Eucalyptus - Mahua oil on performance and emission characteristics on a dual fuel engine operation
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iSchools - the way and need of green and environment friendly, healthy academic development for sustainable world
Authors Prantosh Kumar Paul, Poovammal. E

Information Service Vis-a-Vis Online and Cloud Environment in 21st Century: Promoting Environmental & Bio Informatics
Authors Prantosh Kumar Paul , Poovammal. E

Design of automated assembly system for globe valves
Authors S.Sasikumar, and S.Nagendar

Evaluation of common coagulants and polymeric coagulant aid in the removal of suspended particles and colloidal turbidity of raw water of Gavoshan dam
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Intercropping- An approach to reduce fruit drop and improve fruit quality in guava
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Investigating the findings of anorectal manometry among the patients suffering from functional constipation
Authors Amir Saeed Sadeghi, Mozhgan Frotan, Ali Azizi, Farhad Amirian, Somayeh Beidaghi, Naser Beidaghi

Performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with methyl ester of cotton seed oil blended diesel fuel with additives of DEE
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Lung cancer detection using SVM algorithm and optimization techniques
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MobiAuth: A new way for mobile authentication & authorization into third party websites
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Detection and prediction of seizures using a wrist-based wearable platform
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Experimental analysis of homogeneous compression ignition with premixed compression ignition in a diesel engine
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Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity assessments of Batik industrial wastewater on V79 cells
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Reduce the pollutants from primary clarifier inlet wastewater of pulp and paper industry
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Novel and validated first derivative UV Spectrophotometric method for the determination of Tolperisone hydrochloride in pharmaceutical preparations
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Detection of biofilm among clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by tissue culture plate (TCP) method
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New term (SNPs-genotypes combination principal) gives better understanding about effect of SNPs on the concentration of IL-1β and TNFα in clinical samples of periodontitis
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Detection of gelatinase and lipase among clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii
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Detection of Swarming, Swimming and twitching motilities among clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
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Determination of heat flux on dual bell nozzle by Monte carlo method
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Study of the Self-care ability in patients with chronic heart failure
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Analysis of thyroid syndrome using K-MEANS clustering algorithm
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Ultrasonic sensor based wireless luggage follower
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Computational modeling of tyrosine protein phosphatase WZH in G54 Strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae and its ligand identification
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GC-MS and FTIR analysis Phytocomponents on different parts of Capparis spinosa L. (Capparidaceae) in Iraq
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Design and Kinematic Analysis of a 6-DOF Parallel Manipulator for Pharmaceutical Application
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A color classification algorithm for vision based pallet inspection applicable in pharmaceutical industries
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Secure data sharing using attribute based encryption in cloud computing
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A generalized stochastic frontier production function in power loom industries for prediction of firm-level technical efficiencies
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Reduction of greenhouse gases by the effect of window position and its size in isolated building
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Phase transition in LaS
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Taxi ride sharing and Car pooling
Authors Mahalakshmi.P, G.K.Sandhia

Spectrophotometric determination of Sodium Salicylate in pharmaceutical preparations by coupling with Diazotized Para-amino benzoic acid
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Effect of supplemental oxygen on the incidence and severity of Wound Infection after cesarean surgery
Authors Farhadifar Fariba, Loghman Ghader, Roshani Daem, Shabani Dina, Seidi Jamal

Shelf-life evaluation of fresh white button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) using different moisture absorbers under refrigerated conditions
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Analysis of electrochemical machining tool by using ANSYS CFX 15.0
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Effect of nano alumina particles on mechanical properties of AA2219 nano metal matrix composites
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Driver Behavior Analysis Using Multiple Sensor Data Fusion and Pattern Recognition
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A Web based standalone vehicle monitoring system
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An experimental investigation of thermal analysis of natural fiber base polymer foam
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A review about different automotive safety system using FPGA
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E-Agriculture and rural development
Authors M. Varun Kumar, Pulidindi Venugopal

Engine’s lubrication oil degradation reasons and detection methods: A review
Authors Rammohan A

Efficient DNA Sequence Analysis for Reduced Gene Selection Using Frequency Analysis
Authors A.Surendar, M.Arun

Modeling and kinetic evaluation of intermittent aeration bioreactor with continuous flow in hospital wastewater treatment
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A Decision Support System for Assessing risk using Halstead approach and Principal Component Analysis
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A review of significant molecular mechanisms of flavonoids in prevention of prostate cancer
Authors Sorayya Ghasemi, Zahra Lorigooini

Phytochemical, pharmacological, and biochemical characteristics of essential oil of some Salvia L. species
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Antioxidant activity, total phenolic and flavonoid content, and antibacterial effects of Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl. flowering shoots gathered from Isfahan
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The antibacterial effects of wild and cultivated Allium hirtifolium Boiss on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecalis and antibiotic resistance patterns of the strains using disk diffusion
Authors Elahe Aleebrahim-Dehkordy, Mahmoud Rafieian- Kopaei, Abdollah Ghasemi-Pirbalouti, Mahmoud Bahmani

Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy, Psycho-education Family, and drug Therapy in Reducing and Preventing Recurrence of Symptoms in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Authors Kamal Solati

Ibactericidal and Bacteriostatic In Vitro Effects of Teucrium Chamaedrys Hydroalcoholic Extract on Two Bacterial Causative Agents of Tooth Decay
Authors Reza Heidari Soureshjani, Ali Derakhshan, Mansour Khaledi, Abolfazl Gholipour

The most important Iranian medicinal plants with immunomodulatory property according to traditional medicine and modern research findings
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Phytochemical properties of some Iranian medicinal plants
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Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous extract of roots of Antegonone leptopus against Paracetamol induced hepatotoxic albino rats
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Curcuma longa: A review of therapeutic effects in traditional and modern medical references
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An overview on the most important native medicinal plants against flour beetle
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Neuroprotective role of antidiabetic drug metformin against amyloid β peptide-induced neuronal loss in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons in rats fed high fat diet
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Heavy vehicle chassis redesign in Ansys-13 with composite material
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Finite Element Analysis of CNC Lathe
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An Experimental Investigation of Pongamia based Biodiesel in DI Diesel engine using Air Preheater
Authors Gnanamoorthi Vengadesan, Barani Chandar Kathavarayan

Man and Machine- A Literary Study
Authors Jennifer G Joseph, Padmaragam, Rajitha. R

Improving the quality of fast pyrolysis algae bio-oil by distillation
Authors J. Kuberan, N. Alagumurthi

Prefabricated Crossover Bridge
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Design Analysis and Parametric Optimization of Two Aluminium Piston Alloys Using Simulation Tools
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Experimental Analysis of CNSL as an alternate fuel for CI Engine
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Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Plain and Metal Mesh Glass Fibre Reinforced Hybrid Composites
Authors Senthil J, Kalyana Kumar S, Saravanan M, Pagalavan M

Prognosis and diagnosis of the Alzheimers disease in early stages by new magnetic resonance imaging techniques
Authors Abdolmajid Taheri 1 , Mohammad Gharib Salehi 2 , Ayoob Rostamzadeh 3 , Daryoush Fatehi 4 *

Investigation of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Self- Compacting Concrete Beam-Column Joints with and without Ductile Detailing
Authors T. Meena